College Lake Revisited

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

We haven't visited College Lake in Tring for a while but as the sun was shining on Saturday we wanted to get out for a local family walk so we thought we'd go back.

When we arrived we saw that they had a Trail Map available to find the lost pages of the Warden's Diary, so we picked up a map.

We started off going into the first bird hide. This time we actually remembered to take our binoculars with us. Little Miss A always looks through them the wrong way round, but I think she could see something through them!

Just as we were leaving the first bird hide, a volunteer asked Little Miss A if she'd like to help him to feed the birds. Little Miss A took her role as a special helper very seriously and did a great job!

It really is a nice circular walk around the Lake. There are lots of hides to visit along the way. The Trail is a great addition for children as they need to spot the lost pages.

A few times Little Miss A rested her legs and had a bit of a carry on Daddy's shoulders.

It was such a hot day and there isn't that much shade around the Lake, but we kept hydrated. We didn't spend any time in the interactive and educational areas on this visit but it seems like there have been some new additions.

My favourite shot of the day:

On our last visit, Little Miss A had to be carried in the back carrier. It was such a different walk this time as she could walk round herself! It's so much more fun now! The Lake is a great choice for a family walk and we'll be back again soon I'm sure!

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2 Responses to “College Lake Revisited”

  1. What a lovely post, glad you found some of the warden's diary pages! And what an honour, to help feed the birds :) hope to see you all again soon. Catherine @ college lake

    1. Thanks Catherine. It was a lovely day. We're so lucky to have the Lake so close.


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