Family walk at Burnham Beeches

Friday, 28 August 2015

We visited another new place today for a family walk - Burnham Beeches. What a great woods this is for families. There was so much to keep Little Miss A's interest. I can't believe we were out for 3 hours!

Before our visit, I had done a bit of research on the website and read about a Sensory Trail so we started off by finding part of this Trail. This circular walk has 5 tactile sculptures to find on flat paths that make it easy for little legs. Little Miss A touched and climbed and interacted with all of the sculptures in different ways! 

There were lots of amazing trees to explore as well. Some of them must be ancient from the size of them. It's a wonder many of them are actually still standing as their trunks are so hollow. Mr MoaB did a bit of tree climbing and of course Little Miss A wanted to try to climb it too!

Half way around the Trail we found a cafe and stopped for a quick refreshment break before setting off again. We decided to walk through the Mire - a wetland area with peaty soils. This has a boardwalk through it and Little Miss A led us over this narrow pathway very confidently!

We had our picnic lunch enroute to finding Upper Pond. Luckily I'd packed some food to feed them with otherwise we'd have had a very disappointed little girl! 

We rejoined the Sensory Trail pausing at more interesting trees along the way, playing hide & seek and generally really enjoying the surroundings. Little Miss A showed signs of tiredness so we decided to call it a day. A bonus was finding some ponies grazing near the path on our return to the car.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our walk today and it really was a cheap day out. We really are spoilt with so many great places around us to visit and go for a walks. Burnham Beeches is a great choice for young families. There were children on bikes and scooters as many of the paths are ideal for these activities. 

Burnham Beeches is about 45 minutes drive from Aylesbury. It's owned by the City of London but is actually in South Buckinghamshire! 

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