Happy Memories from our Scotland Holiday in July 2014

Thursday, 23 July 2015

This time last year we were coming to the end of a fantastic family holiday in Scotland. I didn't get the chance to post about it at the time, mainly because we had very limited internet access whilst we were away (which was quite nice at the time!). Then when we got back home, time just flew by.

Now seemed like a good chance to write about our memories from this trip as the reason I started this blog was so that Little Miss A has something to read in years to come that records what we got up.

I definitely took a lot of photos on our trip! Hence why this post is very image heavy and I'm going to keep the text to a minimum with just the highlights. The pictures really sum up our holiday - we did and saw some amazing things and it was finished off with a really special wedding!

Gretna Green
I never really thought I'd ever find myself in Gretna Green but Mr MoaB and I were just thinking we needed to make a bit of rest stop on our car journey up to Scotland when we saw signs for 'Gretna Green' so we thought it would be fun to stop! The highlight was listening to the bagpipist. We saw a couple of bride & grooms in all their wedding finery whereas we were in our scruffy travelling clothes!

Falkirk Wheel
I used to work with someone who came from Falkirk and he told me that it was famous for the Falkirk Wheel. I'd never heard of it before then but was intrigued about it. When I saw that the Wheel was only about half an hour from where we were staying, I knew we had to go there.

If like me you've never heard of it, then it is a rotating boat lift connecting the Union Canal with the Forth and Clyde Canal. You get on a boat at the bottom and then travel up in the lift to the top. You then take a little trip down the Canal before heading back down on the lift again. It was a strange experience on the lift but I'm pleased we got to do it. And as the world's first and only rotating boat lift, it would have been rude not to experience it whilst we were so closeby.

On-site was also a playground and a water play area with lots of moving parts including an Archimedes Screw. Little Miss A had a great splash about. We weren't that prepared and didn't have a change of clothes, but that didn't seem to bother her!

The Kelpies
The Kelpies are the largest equine sculptures in the world. I remember seeing these amazing sculptures on the TV when they were first installed. Pictures just don't do them justice. They are stunning - from afar and up close. Definitely my favourite thing we saw on our holiday. I've always loved horses and used to ride a lot as a child. They are beautiful animals and these sculptures represent them perfectly.

I love the way the light caught them and came through the metal-work. Truly beautiful. So glad we got to see these.

The Helix
Just near to the Kelpies is The Helix which has an Adventure Zone play park and Splash Play area. We took a wander to these areas so Little Miss A could have a bit of a play. This time we were a bit more prepared and had Little Miss A's swimming stuff with us!

New Lanark World Heritage Site
I was so surprised to find a UNESCO World Heritage Site close to where we were staying and it was ideal for a drizzly afternoon. New Lanark was a cotton mill village which was founded in the 18th century. There is a walk down into the village which gives you a good view of the scale of the village. We mostly stuck to the outside areas and woodlands for a walk rather than visiting the buildings themselves. We all needed the fresh air as Little Miss A and Mr MoaB had both been pretty ill over the previous few days. Let's just say it hadn't been a brilliant first few days of our holiday!

Palacerigg Country Park
This was a really nice find. There was a great playground along with a rare breeds & farm animal collection. We spent a long time in both areas before heading off for a wander in the woodland and finding the treetop walkway. The main photo is one of my favourite pictures of Little Miss A and me!

Go Ape Aberfoyle
Whenever possible we try to do a Go Ape wherever we go (a busman's holiday for Mr MoaB as he works for them!). I'm now into double-figures of how many I've done. So on this trip we just had to go to the course at Aberfoyle as it boasts Go Ape's longest zip wire! It's situated in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park which is a lovely setting. Mr MoaB and I took it in turns to have a go on the Go Ape course whilst the other entertained Little Miss A. During Mr MoaB's turn Little Miss A tried to take off  with the charity box from the Go Ape cabin!! It was of course returned to its rightful place!

This was the reason we were in Scotland in the first place! Mr MoaB's god-daughter (the daughter of his childhood friend) was getting married in Bathgate. After a lovely church service, the reception was held at The Vu - a beautiful setting. Little Miss A was a star as it was a really long day for her. I left in the evening to take Little Miss A back to our accommodation, leaving Mr MoaB to enjoy the party into the night (he got a taxi back!). Thankyou to the lovely couple for inviting us to share in their special day.

So we packed a lot in to our week but then we wanted to make the most of being in Scotland as we may not have the opportunity to visit again for a while. Lots of happy memories!

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4 Responses to “Happy Memories from our Scotland Holiday in July 2014”

  1. Looks like you had a fab time and welcome to Scotland :). I live here and don't think I have been to half the places you went there. Keep meaning to go to the Kelpies and now I know there is an awesome pack next to it!

    1. You must must must see the Kelpies Training Mummy! No excuses!

  2. Nice photos and reportage this country, greeting from Belgium

    1. Thanks Louisette. It was a really great holiday.


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