Puzzle Treasure Hunt

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Little Miss A has got too good at doing her lift out puzzles and I was thinking of putting them away. However, this afternoon I thought we'd try something different with them.

Whilst Little Miss A was having her nap, I hid the puzzle pieces around the garden. When she was up we headed out into the garden and started the hunt!

She actually got the idea really quickly and she found most of them without much help. There was a point where even I forgot where I had hidden one of the pieces! We found it eventually!

Little Miss A knows this jigsaw so well so she was specifically looking for certain pieces like the 'cat' and the 'teddy bear'.

When she found each piece she ran back to the middle of the garden and put the pieces into the board.

When Little Miss A had finished the whole puzzle I was really surprised when she disappeared back into the house and then came back out with more puzzles. She clearly wanted to do another hunt!

She then told me it was my turn so I sat and counted to about '50' to give her the chance to hide some pieces for me to find. She was extremely helpful with my hunt and pretty much showed me where she'd hidden them, but I like that she tried to do the hunt for me!

It was a fun activity and great to Little Miss A a new challenge for doing her puzzles. It's definitely something I'll do again for her. I'll hide the pieces a bit more next time to make it a bit harder. We also have some number puzzles so I think there's some ways I can adapt this to encourage her to practice her numbers.


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2 Responses to “Puzzle Treasure Hunt”

  1. What a fantastic idea and great way to stretch an existing game! Thanks so much for sharing your idea with #toddlerapprovedtuesday x

    1. Thanks Leandra and thanks for hosting #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


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