National Trust - Ham House & Gardens

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

This weekend we were meeting up with a friend and as we all have National Trust membership, we chose to visit Ham House and Gardens, which is about equal distance between where we live.

It was absolutely ideal as it's not one of the really large properties with extensive grounds so it was perfect for just a few hours.

We parked up in the free car park nearby and then took a little wander along the River before going to the House. Little Miss A was fascinated by all the boats and rowers going by. We must take her out on a river boat soon, I think she'll love it.

We then headed to the House and started off by going into the Below Stairs Rooms. We were fortunate as when we entered the kitchen, there was a delicious smell of baking and we were just in time to taste the first batch of biscuits made that day. Flavoured with Rosewater and Nutmeg - they were delicious! Mr MoaB got to enjoy a sample of the Ale in the Beer Cellar as well!

These rooms were really fab as there were lots of elements that you could touch. Little Miss A enjoyed rolling out some dough in the kitchen. There was a room with colouring sheets and clothes to dress up in. Little Miss A did a bit of colouring but wasn't keen on dressing up. She also kept going back to the brush and sweeping up! I love the picture of her sweeping which mirrors the wall painting behind her!

We then headed out into the gardens which were really lovely. There was a large area of hedged gardens which Little Miss A enjoyed running around in and we played quite a lot of hide & seek! We found a nice bench here to enjoy our picnic lunch.

We passed through the amazing kitchen gardens which had some fantastic veggies and flowers growing before enjoying a drink in the Cafe.

It was then time to head back to the car so we walked along the River again with the inevitable ice-cream along the way!

A really fab Sunday spent exploring this lovely property and catching up with a great friend. We're definitely making the most of our National Trust membership!

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