Me & Mine - June 2015

Monday, 6 July 2015

Joining up again with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project. Here's June's photo of our little family! Just a little bit late!

This was taken in our back garden. No idea why Little Miss A is covering her ears!

I'm also sharing a photo of my parents taken that day too as they have been a massive help and support to us this month. Thankyou Mum & Dad!

June Highs:
  • Through my volunteering with the local NCT branch, I was involved in organising a really lovely Teddy Bear's Picnic. The highlight for me was definitely the Teddy Bear Zip Wire that Mr MoaB constructed. The kids loved seeing their favourite teddy bears whizzing down!
  • We don't get that many visitors to our little home but we had some friends come to stay for the night. It was so lovely seeing their daughter interact with Little Miss A. She adored having someone new to play with!
  • We had a fantastic weekend away in June with lots of Mr MoaB's family to belatedly celebrate his sister's 40th Birthday. We've never all been away together but we had a fab time together. Some of the adults got to do the Go Ape course and Segways at Cannock. Mr MoaB's niece and nephew also did brilliantly on the Go Ape Junior Course. Really proud of them.
  • Whilst on the weekend away we took the opportunity to use our National Trust membership again to visit Shugborough Estate and enjoyed a lovely picnic and walk around the grounds before meeting up with the family at the hotel.
June Lows:
  • The car troubles continued well into June. We eventually had to make the hard decision to not repair one of the cars as it would cost far more to repair than the car is worth. That left us with the difficult task of car shopping - not the type of shopping I enjoy at all. Luckily my parents found the ideal 2nd hand car at a local garage in their village and really helped with the whole process of buying it.
  • I was unfortunately rushed into hospital and had an operation. Thankfully I only had to stay in for one night. It was the first time I'd spent a night away from Little Miss A and I found it hard. A horrible experience for all of us but I'm so thankful for all the love and support I received from lots of people but especially Mr MoaB and my parents. They were amazing as my Dad took the dog we've been dog-sitting back home with him to look after for a week and my Mum stayed with us to help us out. I'm recovering well, just need to not do too much, too soon (which is very hard when you've got an active toddler to amuse and entertain!).

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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