Tring Charter 700 - Tring Gets Yarn Bombed

Monday, 29 June 2015

This year commemorates 700 years since King Edward II honoured Tring by granting it a charter.

Today was Tring Charter 700 Day and to mark this, the Church Square was Yarn Bombed!

We have Little Miss A's Nana staying with us at the moment and she's a keen knitter, so when I saw a few photos early this morning on Facebook of the yarn bombing, I thought it would be fun to go and see it for ourselves. I'm really glad we did.

The whole Square had been decorated with knitting by lots of different groups including schools and knitting groups. The lamp posts, benches, Church gates, signposts, post box and even the trees had been bombed!

We wandered around the Square taking in all the little details - little mice on the back of benches, pom poms hanging from the trees, a dragon on one of the lamp posts. I can't believe how much work has gone into producing all the different elements and then actually getting them into place. A fantastic job by all those involved!

My favourite was definitely the bench that had become an Elmer Elephant!

There was a carriage with 2 horses there when we arrived. This was there to take the Mayor and Town Crier to all the local schools to re-enact the Charter. Little Miss A enjoyed meeting the horses.

Little Miss A's favourite thing was definitely the bicycle! It was so brilliantly decorated! She kept going back to this over and over again.

I'm really pleased we went along today. It was so colourful and great fun to see!

There are lots of activities and events going on to celebrate 700 years of Tring's Heritage. You can see more details on the Tring 700 website.

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6 Responses to “Tring Charter 700 - Tring Gets Yarn Bombed”

  1. The pony with the pink noise is called Harvey and the other one is called farmer. They are mother and son

    1. Thanks Shaddai. Nice to know their names!

  2. That does look amazing. I'm sad to have only just heard about their celebrations as it sounds they've been hosting some great events, including a medieval market.

    1. Unfortunately we only got to see the Yarn Bombing, but well done to Tring as it does look like they had some fantastic events last week.

  3. Not sure if everyone knows? But Elmer the Elephant was stolen on Saturday night.

    1. I had heard and that's shocking. The knitters must be gutted. Can't believe someone would do that.


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