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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Last year we undertook our first project in the garden to create a rockery in one very sorry looking corner. We can't believe how good this corner looks now the plants are established! We managed to achieve this without spending a penny! Read about our Gardening on zero budget.

Over the last few weeks we've been working on our next gardening project. Raised flower beds to grow flowers and vegetables with Little Miss A. She loves being outdoors so gardening is an ideal activity to introduce her to.

For Little Miss A's Birthday in March we asked her grandparents to buy us the raised flowerbeds. They also purchased some compost to fill them and gave her a few bulbs & seeds and gardening tools to get us underway. She really didn't need any more toys for her birthday so this is such a great present!

The first task was for Mr MoaB to put the flowerbeds together. We'd got 2 but we didn't realise quite how big they'd be so decided to combine them into one that fitted neatly into the space underneath our kitchen window.

The flowerbeds are on the gravel area of our garden so we needed to move all the stones out. Little Miss A loved helping with this bit!

We also added lining to the flowerbed frame before filling with compost. It took quite a few bags!

That just left the planting! I'm not sure Little Miss A really understood what we were doing but she did like digging lots of holes!

She also really enjoyed the watering. She's always a good helper when it comes to watering the plants so I think she'll like watering these flowerbeds as things start to grow!

I have to admit I'm not that green-fingered and don't know that much about gardening. I'm a 'put it in the ground and hope for the best' kind of gardener so this is going to be a learning curve for me. I'm looking forward to seeing Little Miss A's reaction as things start to (hopefully!) appear.

On Little Miss A's 'Things To Do Now I Am 2' are two things that we have now started with this project - Grow some flowers from seeds and Plant some vegetables.

Here's hoping that the next picture I post of the flower beds has signs of lots of nice flowers and veggies growing!

Useful resource:
Gardening with Children on the BBC website

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