Play at Picnic in our Park

Saturday, 16 May 2015

We've had car troubles this week so I'm without a car at the moment which has scuppered the plans I had for Little Miss A and I this weekend whilst Mr MoaB is working. It makes me grateful that we have two cars as there are so many things going on, but so many of them you need to drive to.

I really don't mind getting the bus to places and quite often choose to go by bus when we go to town instead of using the car. I also don't mind a bit of walk! So last night I was frantically searching the internet for something very local to take Little Miss A to today and fortunately I found an event on Berryfields, a local housing estate.

Rather than take a picnic we actually had our lunch before we set-off. Little Miss A actually dosed off just before we got there as it was about a 20 minute walk. When we arrived I gently woke her up which I don't really like to do but the look on her face and smile when she saw the soft play area in-front of her, meant she was ok!

She launched herself straight into the toddler soft play area before heading to the big bouncy castle. She really can now hold her own with the big kids on these!

After a good bounce we went for a little wander around with the obligatory stop for an ice-cream.

We then found a craft tent and quite surprisingly Little Miss A was quite happy to sit still at each of the tables to make the craft. We made a rainbow, a windmill and a sand picture.

There were lots of activities for older kids as well but obviously we just focused on the ones suitable for toddlers.

All of the activities were free which was brilliant. You just had to pay for any refreshments, ice-creams etc. so the afternoon cost me £1.30 for the ice-cream!

It was a really well run, fun afternoon in the sunshine. So glad that I found this event that was just up the road from us.

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