Messy Church at Southcourt Baptist Church - May 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

As Little Miss A had such a good time at the Messy Church back at Easter, I was keen to take her again this school holidays.

The set-up was exactly the same with full use of the whole Church with the added bonus of some things being outside as the weather was nice.

As soon as we got in to the Main Hall Little Miss A headed straight for the giant inflatable slide and had about 4 goes whilst there was no queue. We then went to the crafts room. Little Miss A had a quick go at pebble decorating but was more interested in the cake decorating. The cake was consumed before she even left the table!

We then ventured outside for the Bouncy Castle. Lots of children were having their faces painted but as there was always quite a long queue, Little Miss A just had 2 temporary tattoos done on her arms instead. She seemed happy enough with her dog and her lion. Wonder how long they'll last!

Upstairs in the Younger Play area, Little Miss A spent some time playing with the trains and the play-doh, before it was time to do another circuit of all the areas downstairs. We stopped at the craft tables again to make some glasses and a sheep.

Time seemed to pass in a flash and it was then time for the song, story and lunch (which is included).

I met up with a friend, Working mummy and wife, at the Messy Church today who I haven't seen for a while. It was lovely watching her son and Little Miss A coming down the inflatable slide together and they had a really good boogie to the song towards to the end of the session.

Another really fun morning. These are really well organised sessions with so much for the little ones to do. A big thankyou to the organisers.

I'll definitely be putting the next one on Wednesday 28th October in my diary!

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2 Responses to “Messy Church at Southcourt Baptist Church - May 2015”

  1. A great time and well organised event (bar W's tantrums). Great seeing you both too x


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