Meeting Some Feathered Friends

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Every school holidays on a Thursday, Aylesbury Vale District Council organise family fun events.

Today was the chance to meet some Feathered (and some not so feathered) Friends in Market Square.

After a short wait in the queue, we entered the area and our first encounter was of the non-feathered kind - a little pony. Then we saw some of the birds including a goose, some ducks and a couple of beautiful owls.

There was also this macaw parrot that Little Miss A was very friendly with and kept waving too!

Along with the animals and birds, there was also the opportunity to make a feathered head-dress. Unfortunately no pictures of this as I couldn't get Little Miss A to model it!

Also in attendance was the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust, who were doing a spot of bird watching and also Little Miss A made an animal puppet. One of the things the Trust does is look after nature reserves including College Lake in Tring. I found out that they run toddler activities called 'Nature Tots' there so I must look into this for Little Miss A. We haven't been to College Lake for a while but it's on our list to revisit soon as it's a great place for a walk.

There were also some inflatables but you had to pay for these and I managed to steer Little Miss A away with a promise that we could go into the library. She loves going in there so thankfully there wasn't a tantrum.

Given that we're without a car again (the other one this time is in the garage), then this event was ideal for us as we could get the bus to town, I got a few bits I needed, and then Little Miss A got to have some fun.

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