Me & Mine - May 2015

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Joining up again with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project. Here's this month's photo of our little family!

This selfie was captured on Mr MoaB's phone and I have no idea what setting he had it on as this is how it came out, but I really like it! The picture was taken on our walk in Cowleaze Woods when we went to see the bluebells.

May Highs:
  • At the start of the month we went to Cowleaze Woods to see the spectacular display of bluebells. Really beautiful.
  • We used our National Trust membership to visit Cliveden and this has to be my favourite National Trust place so far as it's so family orientated.
  • We re-visited Bletchley Park this month and had a fab day of code-breaking with Little Miss A.
  • Our 5th visit of the year to Waddesdon Manor saw us exploring areas we haven't been to before and was an absolute blast watching Little Miss A hill rolling with her Daddy.
  • My website has had a major redesign. I was previously just using a really basic Blogger template but now have my very own logo and design and I'm really pleased with it. 
May Lows:
  • Mr MoaB and I have had coughs that we just can't seem to shake.
  • Car troubles! We are fortunate to have 2 cars but it is expensive to run these and of course there are repairs that you don't always factor in to your budget. We had clutch problems with one car so that was in the garage for 10 days and cost a lot to fix. No sooner had we got that car back than the other car decided to have a problem. A costly month. Luckily I've found enough local events going on so haven't really needed a car but there have been times where I've really missed just being able to hop into the car to go somewhere.
The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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5 Responses to “Me & Mine - May 2015”

  1. Little Miss A seems to have grown up so much! And yay for visiting Waddesdon Manor, it's utterly beautiful there. xx

    1. Thanks Alex. They are growing up so fast! Proper little people now. We're definitely spoilt having Waddesdon just 10 minutes down the road!

  2. How sweet, what a lovely family selfie, sounds like you had a great time xxx lucky to live close to somewhere so beautiful #meandmine

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thankyou! We are fortunate to have so many lovely places closeby.


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