Elmhurst Children's Centre - Review

Friday, 8 May 2015

For quite a while now I've been taking Little Miss A to the Playtime sessions at Elmhurst Children's Centre. I've realised that I've not posted a review of these sessions. Today we attended the Big Kids Fun session for the second time so I thought I'd combine a review of both sessions.

Playtime sessions
The Playtime sessions are on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am. I like that they start early as then they don't interfere with Little Miss A's naptime.

The sessions are in a really large room and there are always lots of different things for the little ones to play with. Some of the things are always there for instance the things for role-playing - a shop and a kitchen with playfood. Other toys are rotated so brought out one week and then not again for a while.

The wooden train set always proves really popular including with Little Miss A. She also always likes building towers with the big soft blocks - well, the bit she really likes is knocking it down!

There's a reading corner with a really big collection of books, however it's not often that Little Miss A will sit still for a story during these sessions!

There's always a messy activity set-up. In the past activities have included painting, play-doh and shaving foam.

For the babies there is an area with lots of baby toys.

Now the weather is nicer, there's the chance to get outside into the small garden and go on the ride-ons or play in the sandpit.

Big Kids Fun sessions
On Friday mornings at 10.30am are sessions for children aged 2 and over. The room is filled with the toys specifically aimed at older kids and the kids are encouraged to run around more as there's no fear of running into tiny tots.

The first time we went along we actually spent most of the session outside in the garden on the ride-ons and 'playing' Connect 4!

All the activities were indoors this morning and Little Miss A divided her time between the ride-ons, the ball pit and the soft blocks. It's a good session to wear her out!

These are great sessions to go along too and they're free! The staff at the Centre are always really friendly. Sometimes the sessions are really busy, sometimes less so. Today there were just 8 kids.

Elmhurst Children's Centre is located on Dunsham Lane, Aylesbury. There's free parking next door at the King Alfred Community Centre or on the road. The sister Children's Centre is Bearbrook. More details can be found on the Early Years Excellence Hub.

It's worth keeping an eye on their timetable and Facebook page as they also run 'Pop-up' play sessions during the school holidays in various locations around Aylesbury.

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