Bluebell Woods - Cowleaze Woods

Monday, 4 May 2015

Today we went in search of some bluebells and we weren't disappointed!

We set off for Cowleaze Woods, near Christmas Common. Little Miss A and I visited these woods almost a year ago to the day when we were invited for a free photoshoot with a local photographer. I was really keen to go back again as I remember how lovely the bluebells were. 

When we arrived we were really lucky to find a parking spot almost immediately. The car park was already packed. It's free to park here which is good.

We set off through the woods and there were bluebells everywhere. They really are lovely flowers.

We had a lot of fun along our walk sitting in the dens we found, jumping in the muddy puddles and stopping to stand on every tree stump!

The dog was in her element and loved exploring these woods.

We were there a good couple of hours and Little Miss A only asked to go in the back carrier when we were about 2 minutes from getting back to the car. I'm so amazed that she walked so far! She was rewarded with an ice-cream before we set off home.

If you want to see bluebells en-masse then these Woods are definitely a great place to go. It takes about 40 minutes to drive to them from Aylesbury. I'm sure we''ll be back again next year to see them again.

One Man and His Sprog

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2 Responses to “Bluebell Woods - Cowleaze Woods”

  1. What lovely woods to explore and the bluebells are so pretty :-)

    1. Thanks Louise. Hope you've been lucky enough to see some bluebells near you. They are so pretty but they just don't last very long!


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