40 Things Beginning With B - An Update

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Last month I posted about the Novel 40th Birthday present that we are doing for Mr MoaB's sister for her 40th Birthday - 40 Things Beginning with B!

Time is ticking towards when we need to have got all of the 40 items so I thought it was time for an update on how we're getting on.

We've now got over half of the items and I'm amazed that we've only spent £15.13 in total! So we've got over half the budget of £40 left to buy just 15 items. I'm hoping we might therefore be able to get the wrapping paper within the budget as well.

Every shop I go into now, I'm scouring for things beginning with 'B'. Really chuffed with some of the finds such as the 'Birds Blackboard pegs' that I found in The Range. Unfortunately, no new freebies from companies this month so a lot of these things have been bought when they're on special offer.

Here's the new 'B' items we have got since my original post:

Bloo cistern block - bit of an odd one I guess giving something for the toilet as a birthday present but they are pretty ones in the shape of flowers!

Branston Baked Beans - purchased a multi-pack when on special offer but just giving 1 can of beans so only 32p! We've eaten the other tins ourselves!

Glass with a 'B' - this is the most item purchased so far in Matalan for £2 but I couldn't resist it as it has the intial 'B' on it.

Brush - came free with a hairdryer that my Mum bought.

Bear - a small china bear found in a Charity shop.

Boost chocolate bars - bought when on special offer. If we're going over budget then I could break the multi-pack down and just give her one bar as this would reduce the cost. We'd just have enjoy consuming the other bars ourselves!

Bounty chocolate bars - same as the Boost bars!

Broccoli seeds - found these for 39p in Aldi. Will be fun for her to plant and grow these with her children.

Beef Bourgignon sauce - like things that have more than one 'B' in them!

Blu-tack - quite surprised that I didn't have this on my original list of suggested items to buy. Seems quite an obvious one.

Bazooka Bubble gum - had bubble gum on my list but I have never heard of the name 'Bazooka' so great to find this!

Banknote tissues - a novelty item that my Mum found on-sale in a charity shop. Shame you can't get £40 notes!

Backgammon travel set - really pleased to find this set in The Range for £1.

Birds Blackboard pegs - these are something a bit different that are really cute.

We now have just over a month to finish getting all the items as we have a big family weekend away planned in June, so need to get cracking with the final 15 items and then there will be the mammoth task of wrapping them all! Good job I love wrapping presents!

My next post about this will be the Final Update so wish me luck with completing this challenge!

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2 Responses to “40 Things Beginning With B - An Update”

  1. Great idea will be trying this for my mums 50th! X

    1. Good luck with it Amy! Hope you have an easy letter of the alphabet for your Mum!


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