Things To Do Now I Am 2!

Monday, 20 April 2015

So now that Little Miss A's Things To Do Before I Am 2 list has expired as she turned two at the end of last month, it's time to compile a new list of 'Things To Do Now I Am 2!'.

Here's her list of 'Things To Do Now I Am 2':
  1. Fly a kite
  2. Ice sensory play
  3. Climb a mountain
  4. Splash park / swim outdoors
  5. Feed the ducks
  6. Bake a cake
  7. Go to the cinema or theatre
  8. Do a picture scavenger hunt
  9. Family bike ride
  10. Go camping
  11. Go on a fairground ride
  12. Attend a Christmas carol concert
  13. Day trip to London
  14. Grow some flowers from seeds
  15. Plant some vegetables
  16. Play Pooh sticks on a bridge
  17. Build a sandcastle
  18. Create some wild art
  19. Find a geocache
The first 4 on the list are the things that we didn't manage to tick off her list last time so I have carried these over.

Most of the items on this new list are first experiences - things Little Miss A hasn't done before. However, a few we did do last time but I'm really keen to do again like no. 10 'Go camping'.

Let me know if you have anything you'd add to this list!

If you like this list, then please do take a look at the original list of Things To Do Before I Am 2 and also see how we got on with the list in the Final Update on Things To Do Before I'm 2.

The List

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6 Responses to “Things To Do Now I Am 2!”

  1. This a really good idea, I do love lists like this, we have one as a family for the year =) So many fun things to enjoy on your list =D

    1. Thankyou. Think we're going to have lots of fun ticking things off this list!

  2. I really like this idea. I had never thought of it before but what a great list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it. Hope it's inspired you to put a list together for Harry!

  3. Awww Happy belated Birthday to Miss A!! I hope you had a great time :) I love this list...but good luck with the climb a mountain! R is almost 3 and I can guarantee we'd have to carry him most of the way, lazy boy ;) Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    1. Thanks Hannah. Her birthday was great - just shared with family but really nice.

      The mountain one is definitely the most difficult but Mr MoaB wanted me to put it on the list and he's the one that has to do the carrying when it comes to it. It's most likely going to be a big hill!


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