Party Eggstravaganza

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Parties are a bit like buses, there isn't one for ages and then 3 come together! I can't remember the last party we went to but we've been to 3 parties in the last 4 days!

The first was on Thursday when we were invited along to an 'Easter Springtime Fancy Dress Party Fun Session' at Fairford Leys Community Centre which was organised by Jacqu'in the Box. She'd invited us along as I'd picked out this party in my list of Easter Holiday Family Events in and around Aylesbury.

This was a very musical session with lots of singing, dancing and musical games. It followed the story of Elsa the Snow Queen taking a journey through the Springtime Wood and after meeting lots of little animal friends along the way, the children found the Easter Bunny!

Little Miss A got really involved in all the songs. I was really impressed by how confident she was with all the older children (all girls but I guess that was due to the Frozen theme of the party!). She wasn't too sure of the Easter Bunny at first but I managed to get a quick selfie!

Our second party was yesterday for one of Little Miss A's friends who turned 2. It was a really lovely afternoon spent with many of the friends we met when we did our NCT Antenatal Classes. We all had bumps when we met and now have 2 year olds - how has that happened!?!

This morning we attended our last party which was an 'Easter Egg Hunt & Kids Party' held at the Aeglesburgh Watermead Inn and organised by Em's Looney Tune Discos. This was a free kids party with a disco, party games and of course an Easter Egg Hunt!

Little Miss A loves music and dancing so was in her element with the disco! It's great watching her trying so hard to copy others with the actions to the songs! I can't believe this party was free - each child got some small treats in the Egg Hunt and then they brought out cake & biscuits for the kids to enjoy!

I think we're definitely partied out now for a little while now!

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