My Sunday Photo 05-04-2015

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Instead of my favourite picture from the past week, I've actually chosen an old photo of me!

As Little Miss A turned 2 this week I thought it would be fun to share a photo of me on my 2nd Birthday (35 years ago!). 

My Mum tells me it was taken at my Great Auntie's house and I'm pictured with my adopted brother. She's no longer with us but I have very fond memories of her. Little Miss A's second name was partly chosen as it was my Auntie's name.

Little Miss A is fortunate to live in this age where photography is so easy with cameras, phones etc. She's going to have a million photos of her childhood! Whereas this photo is one of just a few as taking pictures just wasn't as easy and you only took a few to get developed. 

So I love that there is this picture of me on my 2nd birthday to show alongside a picture of Little Miss A on her 2nd birthday!


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6 Responses to “My Sunday Photo 05-04-2015”

  1. What a fab cake, love Sarah and Duck. Happy Birthday!

    I often think that about how easy it is to take (and see) photos now. I have photos of my mum as a baby taken in a professional studio because they didn't have a camera at home. I wonder what my daughter will use to take pictures of her children!

    1. Thanks Tara.

      I know. Things have changed so much and continue to evolve - who knows what technology they'll use!

  2. This is such a great idea, things have changed so much in that time. Now we see a photo straight away whereas back then we'd often wait weeks to get them developed

    Thank you for linking up

    1. Definitely. We're so lucky we can take so many shots then edit or delete as we like. It used to be so hit and miss what you'd taken a photo of. There was an element of excitement getting the photos back from the film but then usually disappointment that they hadn't come out or you'd chopped off a head etc!

      Thanks for hosting #MySundayPhoto

  3. Wow! I dont have photos of me when I was young as they were damaged by flash floods. This is something amazing for me! Happy 2nd brithday to your lil girl and we love Sarah and Duck here. #mysundayphoto

    1. Oh what a shame about your old photos pixiedusk. Fellow Sarah & Duck fans - yeay!


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