Messy Church at Southcourt Baptist Church - April 2015

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This morning we went along to a play session that is organised in the school holidays by Southcourt Baptist Church in Aylesbury. I found out about this through a friend and wish I'd know about it before!

I can't believe what a fantastic session it was all for just £1 per person (which included lunch!).

They make full use of all the Church for the morning. There are activities aimed at kids of all ages. In the Main Hall there was a bouncy castle and an inflatable slide. There was also a baby area and a Wii games console setup to a big projector screen. Little Miss A loved the bouncy castle and slide - I lost count of the number of times she went on these! She wasn't keen on queuing but it's something she's got to learn!!

Another large room contained the crafts including fairy cake decorating, handprints, cardboard bracelets and stained glass widows. Here's a couple of our creations!

Upstairs is where they usually have a Playgroup so this was the room for the little ones. There was loads to play with including a train set and a slide which were both hits with Little Miss A.

We were in and out of all the rooms throughout the morning and ventured outside at one point, but ooohhhh it was windy so after letting Little Miss A run around a little bit I managed to persuade her to come back inside with the promise of another go on the bouncy castle!

Towards the end of the session there was a song and a story and then lunch was served. Sandwiches, crisps and fruit were passed out to everyone who had accumulated in the Main Hall.

All of the helpers were really friendly. It was really nice that the older kids who were manning the inflatables were mindful of the smaller children. They were happy to help Little Miss A on the slide and even take her hands and bounce with her on the bouncy castle. A massive thankyou to all of them!

I'm definitely putting the next one in my diary which is Wednesday 27th May at 10.30am.

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2 Responses to “Messy Church at Southcourt Baptist Church - April 2015”

  1. Such a great session, give to be at the next one! X

    1. Thanks for telling me about this session. Definitely hope you can make the next one!


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