Easter Bank Holiday Fun in the Sun

Monday, 6 April 2015

Today we went for a walk in my favourite park - Langley Park. We couldn't have picked a better day for it with the sun shining gloriously.

We had to pop to Black Park firstly as Mr MoaB had to drop something off at his work. The car park was packed so we were fortunate to find a space. Whilst there we went to the Cafe for the obligatory ice-cream as the sun was out!

We then headed over to Langley Park. Again the car park was heaving so we had to park in the lay-by along the main road. A hop under the fence and we were in the Park.

Initially we tried to stay in the wooded part of the Park which provided some shade. Despite the Park being busy, it didn't feel this way at all.

Little Miss A was in her element exploring and wandering around. There were a lot of games of Peep-Bo behind the trees and a 'Sit Down and Think' on the tree stumps (Sarah & Duck fans will get this reference!).

Just as were thinking we should stop for our picnic lunch, we were fortunate to find an empty bench. It was then time for some Easter games! Mr MoaB had told me about his family tradition for Easter Monday - they'd roll hard boiled eggs until they cracked, then they would eat them.

So we thought we'd start this tradition with Little Miss A. We quickly boiled some eggs before we set off this morning (they probably needed a bit longer really!). We took some pens along to decorate the eggs and also some plastic spoons so we could do an Egg & Spoon Race as well. It was great fun! There was just a little bit of cheating going on by Little Miss A, but we'll let her off (this year anyway!). There wasn't much of a slope for rolling the eggs but we bashed them into each other until they cracked a bit and then ate them. These Egg games are definitely a tradition we'll keep up.

I really do like Langley Park and wish it was a bit closer so we could visit more often. You can read about one of our previous visits in this Lovely Langley Park post.

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