Colourscape at Waddesdon Manor

Friday, 3 April 2015

On the lawns at Waddesdon Manor until 12 April there is the Colourscape Experience - a festival of colour, light and music.

As the weather wasn't great today we thought we'd go to find out what this was as the pictures I'd seen advertised it looked intriguing.

We arrived in the Gardens at just before 11am and this is when the Colourscape was meant to open. However, due to the rain overnight they had to dry out some of the installation so unfortunately we had to wait in the queue until about 11.45am. Luckily Little Miss A seemed happy to run around with some of the older kids who were also waiting to go in, otherwise I think it would have been hard to make her wait that long.

Once open, we quickly moved up the queue to pay. You need to pay cash on the door. They ask you to take your shoes off. My advice is to wear very warm socks as it's cold underfoot as you wander around. 

You're also asked to put on a coloured T-shirt. Little Miss A was excused from wearing this as she was colourful enough in her bright pink snowsuit!

Once you enter the installation, you're then free to wander around the 71 interlinked chambers which are all different colours. In a main chamber there were some musicians playing and Little Miss A took a seat for a little while to listen.

They do ask that you limit your time inside to 30 minutes, and I think we spent pretty much that amount of time going around the different chambers. 

Even with lots of people inside, you could still find spaces and chambers that were empty. Some colours seemed to appeal to Little Miss A more than others. The red was very intense!

I am glad we managed to get along to Waddesdon whilst the Colourscape installation is in place. It's definitely a unusual and unique experience. 

Plus, it gave us another opportunity to use our National Trust membership! 

You have to pay extra to go inside the Colourscape structure - £4 per adult and £2 per child. I'd keep an eye on the Waddesdon Facebook page for updates as opening does seem very weather dependent.

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