Carry on Camping at Town Farm - Part 2

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

So this time last week we were about to go to sleep under canvas for the first time this year. And boy was it a cold night! Brrrrrrr!!

Last year we bought a new family tent and went on our first camping trip with Little Miss in June to a local campsite - Town Farm. As it turns out that was to be our first and last camping trip in 2014 so we're determined to do a lot more camping this year. Therefore, we've started early with a camping trip now already done!

We chose to go to Town Farm again as we know the campsite and it's so local that it's really easy to go for just one night.

When we arrived and saw the farmer, he was really very surprised that we were camping this early in the year particularly with a toddler and a dog. We were the only ones mad enough to be camping in April!

Given the lovely weather we've been enjoying, it was typical that Wednesday was actually a chilly day. At least it was dry!

Once we'd set up our tent, we headed off to walk up to Ivinghoe Beacon. If you're really fit you could walk all the way from the campsite but we took the option of driving and parking nearby and then walking up.

There were great views from the top and we could even see our tent!

When we got back to the campsite, we had promised Little Miss A time at the on-site playground. She had an absolute blast!

This time we had the dog with us. We had no idea how she'd get on but she absolutely loved it especially all the freedom to roam around the field!

We keep things super simple when we go camping for just a night and have really easy cook meals. That means tins of curry and boil in the bag rice. Maybe it's eating outside and that it's just nice to have something really hot when it's a bit chilly in the evening, but we always lap up these meals! Our meals have to be super easy as we just have a single gas cooker. Our next investment needs to be a double one as it is frustrating not being able to boil the kettle at the same time as cooking breakfast!

As we cooked our dinner, we were treated to a really lovely sunset!

It was a very cold night but we all had lots of layers and actually slept pretty well all around, even Little Miss A. She didn't go to sleep until well after her bedtime but she was just happy escaping from her bed and pottering around in the tent.

Getting caught in the act!

Eventually she did fall asleep and only woke once at about 1.30am at which point she came into bed with me and we kept each other warm! Mr MoaB was evicted at this point onto our other double blow-up mattress. Whilst we were playing musical beds, the dog snuck in and ended up sleeping on my bed too!

It was a bit of an early start on Thursday morning but we were expecting that and got up to have a cooked breakfast. Luckily Little Miss A was happy to sit in the car and play whilst we got on with the task of taking the tent down which meant she wasn't getting in the way.

We'd taken a few books and toys along for Little Miss A but they never even came out of the bag. She just didn't need them to keep her occupied.

Before we left we did have time for a bit of fun with bubbles!

We then headed off to Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. We've been here on two other occasions and as we were so closeby, we thought it would be a good opportunity to go again. It really is such a peaceful and serene place. This time Little Miss A wanted to find all the different benches with creatures on them.

Our favourite was the Owl bench!

It would be so easy to say that it's just too much hassle to go camping for one night, but I have to disagree. We had such a fun time that it was so worth it! It helps that we have all our camping stuff well organised in boxes in the garage so it's easy to just pack up the car and go.

I think it's quite safe to say that Little Miss A likes camping as she kept saying "More!" when we took the tent down. We're already planning our next trip. Can't wait!

Here's how we got on with our first Carry on Camping at Town Farm experience last year.

One Man and His Sprog

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2 Responses to “Carry on Camping at Town Farm - Part 2”

  1. What a brilliant day out! Getting ahead of the crowds with the camping too! I'd thought Ivinghoe Beacon might be too tough a climb for Tilly, but seeing as you've done it I might give it a try soon. I've also never heard about Whipsnade Tree Cathedral until now and I know Tilly would love the Owl seat, so we'll look at paying a visit their too. Thanks for linking up with #homecountiesdaysout

    1. Thanks Dan. It's definitely a doable walk to the Beacon if you park part way up! We really enjoy Whipsnade Tree Cathedral and are trying to visit each season to see it's changes. It's not far from Dunstable Downs so you can combine a visit there with it!

      Thanks for setting up and hosting #homecountiesdaysout


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