Dear (ZSL London) Zoo...

Friday, 27 March 2015

Dear (ZSL London) Zoo...

Thankyou for a fantastic day! We really enjoyed seeing such a variety of animals. I could name most of them but there were a few that I couldn't (and some even my Mummy and Daddy had to check the name of!).

We couldn't believe how close we could get to the monkeys!

I think my favourite were the penguins - we spent quite a lot of time watching them in the water. I was taking notes for the next time I go swimming!

It's been a great family day out as a birthday treat.


Little Miss A

Yesterday we spent a brilliant day at ZSL London Zoo.

Last year we were fortunate to visit ZSL Whipsnade Zoo for free as Mr MoaB donated some old rope and a rope ladder from his work to the monkeys for their enclosure. He had some more spare rope and rope ladders to donate and therefore arranged with ZSL London Zoo for us to go there.

After dropping off the ropes at the service gate, we parked up in the car park and just at that moment the heavens decided to open. So we arrived at the entrance to the Zoo absolutely drenched! Luckily, the rain passed quickly and we soon dried out.

After a quick pit-stop for a hot drink in the Restaurant, our first port of call was the Penguins. Little Miss A did a bit of a waddle around the Penguin Pool before watching lots of them swimming about.

We then popped into Butterfly Paradise, but we kept our walk-through short as Little Miss A seemed a bit unhappy - I think it was because it's so warm in there.

Next we went into the B.U.G.S building. Too many things I don't like in here such as spiders, but Mr MoaB and Little Miss A were interested so I just made sure I walked quickly past some of the exhibits!

When we came out of here, we paused to eat some of our packed lunch (great way to save money on days out). Then we went to Meet the Monkeys. Unfortunately, there weren't any monkeys about on our first walk-through this area. We just saw the black-capped squirrel monkeys through the glass in their indoor area. Luckily, we went back but I'll come on to that!

On leaving the monkeys, we went into the Blackburn Pavilion which houses lots of beautiful tropical birds. I was really surprised that they were just flying around and walking across the walkway. You were really close to them.

As we'd left our pushchair the other side of the monkey enclosure, we took the opportunity to walk-through this area again. We're so glad we did as this time the monkeys had come out to play and they came up close to say hello! It was fantastic that they were just moving around with no barriers or boundaries between us and them.

After our encounter with the monkeys, we then went to the Animal Adventure area. The first section which has meerkats, coatis and aardvarks in, is brilliantly designed with lots of areas for kids to climb up and a series of tunnels so you can see these animals from a different perspective. Very easy for Little Miss A to get through these tunnels, not so easy for adults! Both Mr MoaB and I had to take her through and around. Luckily, that was enough for her! The next area was a farm with goats, pigs, chickens and lots more.

It was then time for the Tiger Territory. Luckily for us the Sumatran tigers were out sunbathing so we could get a pretty good view of them.

By this point, we were starting to get a bit concerned about time and thinking about London traffic, but I was determined to see one of my favourite animals - the Giraffes - before we left. I find Giraffes so fascinating. They should be so ungainly but somehow they're graceful and beautiful.

We saw a few more animals along the way and then decided it really was time to head home after what had been a really great day. There were quite a few areas and animals we didn't see on this visit. Hopefully, we'll get the chance to visit again one day.

The only downside to the day was that we had to drive to the Zoo as the ropes being donated were too heavy to transport. Never a great thing to drive around London. The Zoo is just on the outskirts of the Congestion Zone so at least there's no charge for that. It's definitely better to try to go to the Zoo by train. The car park is expensive at £14.50 for the day.

It's advisable to book your tickets online in advance as you can save a few pounds on the gate price. Children under 3 are free. It's also worth considering a membership if you think you might visit this and Whipsnade Zoo a few times in the year.

We really were fortunate to get in for free and it made a really great pre-birthday treat for Little Miss A.

Here's a selection of random other photos that I just like from our day!


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6 Responses to “Dear (ZSL London) Zoo...”

  1. A wonderful treat, hard to beat a trip to the zoo and a great way to enjoy some outdoor fun time #AnimalsTales

    1. Definitely a great treat! It was great fun! Very different animals to the ones you're used to on the farm!

  2. I have not been to London Zoo since the boys were tiny and we went on the coldest day of the year. It was still a fabulous day out, not least because we almost had the place to ourselves!

    Many thanks for linking up with #AnimalTales

    1. Definitely good to go out of season I'm sure!

      Thanks for letting me know about #AnimalTales

  3. The Mother says - London Zoo is a fabulous place and it looks like you've had an amazing time. My favourites are always the Penguins - they always make me laugh :) #animaltales

    1. There's definitely something comical about the penguins! They're great fun to watch!


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