Happy 2nd Birthday Little Miss A!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

So today is Little Miss A's 2nd Birthday. What an absolutely amazing two years it has been!

We've kept her birthday very low-key this year and did most of the celebrating on Sunday as Little Miss A is at nursery today! Feel a bit bad that she's had to go to nursery on her birthday but she loves it there and I need to work today!

We therefore celebrated her birthday on Sunday. I put up decorations so when Little Miss A came down in the morning she knew there was something different about the day. Her favourite TV programme is Sarah and Duck so this was the theme!

We gave her one present in the morning - a scooter. I was so surprised by how quickly she just got on to it and started scooting!

Grandma had come to stay for the weekend and my parents came to visit for the day to help us celebrate. This included lunch at Frankie & Bennys. Little Miss A chose just to eat her ice-cream, no main course. Special concession was made as it was her birthday!

We then came back to the house to do the rest of her presents and of course cake! Some of the highlights of her presents were lots of baking stuff, some lovely new clothes and a load of gardening stuff including planters so that we can start growing vegetables and flowers with Little Miss A.

Little Miss A made sure that everyone had a go on her scooter. Young and old had to scoot around. She even created a new game where the person on the scooter got chased with a balloon and bonked on the head if they were caught. It was great fun!

So this year was quite different to her 1st Birthday Party. I know there will be lots of years in the future where we have bigger parties and special birthday treats with friends, but for now it's nice to just spend time with our parents and I know Little Miss A had a great time with them and wasn't too overwhelmed by it all.

I'm sure at times over the next year it will feel like the 'Terrible Twos' but I know that overall it's going to be the 'Terrific Twos'! Can't wait!

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2 Responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday Little Miss A!”

  1. This is lovely, glad you had a good day. X

    1. Thanks Working mummy and wife! Can't believe we have 2 year olds now!


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