Snow Sensory Play

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The snow may have been and gone within a day recently, but that didn't stop us having a bit of indoor snow fun!

Whilst Little Miss A was napping, I decided to create her an indoor snow scene to play with.

I got our large tub that we use out in the garden for water play etc. On the bottom I put some shiny silver wrapping paper as it catches the light really nicely. Then I used some polystyrene packaging as the main 'snow'. I filled a couple of small pots - one with white rice, the other with the bits you get when you hole-punch paper. I also added the strips of paper that I'd hole-punched and some strands of irridescent scatter thread. The last addition was some pom-pom snowmen that I bought reduced after Christmas.

Little Miss A was straight in there picking the snowmen out. Then we made snow fall by sprinkling the rice and hole-punched dots between our fingers.

Part 2 of our snowy fun was a bit more messy! We emptied the tub out of all the dry materials and I used some Snow Spray (again bought after Christmas when it was reduced).

Little Miss A wasn't entirely sure at first but once I got my hands in, she was making handprints. Then it was on to footprints! We obviously made sure that we had a good wash afterwards!

We had a lot of fun with our snowy activity. There's still a chance we may get some more snow this year, you never know! Until then, why not try bring the snow fun indoors!

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