Lynx Gym - Review - Part 2

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Just under a year ago we went to our first PlayGym session at Lynx Gym in Aylesbury. What a difference a year makes!

You can read the Review of the Lynx Gymnastics Centre that I wrote back in February 2014 from that first visit when Little Miss A was still a 'Crawler'. I thought I would write a quick update now that Little Miss A is definitely a 'Walker'!

We've been to the PlayGym several times over the course of the year. Often to the Sunday morning session which starts at 8.30am. This is great when Little Miss A has awoken us all early and Mr MoaB has gone to work. Today was the prime example. We'd been up since just before 6am and needed to get out of the house and use up some energy!

It's good to get to the Sunday session early as it soon gets really busy. To start with I was actually the only Mum and all the rest were Dads with their little ones. 

With so many mats and soft padding around, it's a great environment to just let Little Miss A roam around. 

Little Miss A loves to jump and bounce so the trampolines were a huge hit and we had several races up and down the full length! Thankfully this time she only wanted to go up the big inflatable slide once. It's really hard to get up when you're trying to hoist a toddler up with you!

Previously she's never really liked the big pit filled with foam cubes but today she was happy to be thrown in a few times and climb her way out.

I think she pretty much explored every corner of the room. The challenge for me is to keep up with her. Very different to a year ago, when I had to walk her around and I dictated what she went on. Now she doesn't need any encouragement to try things out, she's straight on to things and today this included a balance beam. 

It's definitely a great place to go to tire your little ones out. At £4.50 for a couple of hours, it's pretty good value for money. The bonus for us is it's literally on our doorstep so we don't need to take the car. 

There are PlayGym sessions for the under 5s nearly every day of the week at various times so it's worth checking the Lynx Gym website for details. 

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2 Responses to “Lynx Gym - Review - Part 2”

  1. This looks like a great local facility. We've TumbleTots classes locally which are more structured but £6.50 for 45 mins (although this is often enough to wear out little ones). We might pay Lynx Gym a visit during school holidays.

    1. I've looked at structured classes but like that this is just a drop-in session with free play. Definitely worth trying out.


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