Woodland Trail at Waddesdon

Monday, 12 January 2015

We're definitely making the most of our National Trust membership already with another visit to Waddesdon. That's two visits in 11 days!

We just wanted somewhere to go for a bit of a walk yesterday afternoon for about an hour so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go to Waddesdon again as it's just on our doorstep.

We got the courtesy bus from the car park to The Stables this time as we've not explored this area yet. The cafe and shop here are closed at the moment but we had a wander around the courtyard with it's beautiful horse statue and interesting gargoyles!

We then took the Miss Alice's Drive Woodland Trail. This was just the right distance for Little Miss A to walk herself. There are lots of wildlife areas along the path so you can go on a bug hunt. There are also some nice views.

We had a lot of fun along the way!

At the end of the Trail was the Woodland Playground which has a variety of play equipment on different levels down a hill. The area for Little Miss A's age group was at the bottom and she particularly liked the climbing frame and of course the slide!

It's great to know that this is a walk that Little Miss A can do without needing to be carried. I'll definitely be doing it again with her a few times over the coming months as this will be a great place for us to go when Mr MoaB is working.

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2 Responses to “Woodland Trail at Waddesdon”

  1. We haven't made it to Waddesdon yet, but must do over the next couple of months. It's always good when there's a trail to focus a walk on.

    1. Waddesdon is definitely worth a visit. We've only just started to explore it and there's lots more in the grounds (including an Aviary) as well as the house itself when that re-opens in the Spring.


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