Toy Storage Ideas

Thursday, 29 January 2015

A bane of every parent's life - the toys! They get everywhere. As soon as you tidy them away they seem to sprout legs and spread around the house again.

We have an open plan layout downstairs in our house so it's difficult to hide the toys away so Mr MoaB and I have become adept at 'toy blindness' in the evenings once Little Miss A has gone to bed!

I'm always trying to find ways to at least try to keep all the parts together for each toy. Here are some of the solutions I've come up with, trying to recycle containers as much as possible.

1) Plastic A4 folders for puzzles - these are just the right size for most puzzles and it means all the pieces are kept together and in place. I recommend the see-through folders so that you can see which puzzle is inside. Little Miss A likes to go to the shelf and pick out the puzzle she wants to do.

2) Cake icing containers for play-doh - these are airtight so perfect for keeping play-doh from drying out. So far the play-doh I made back in October is still going strong! The containers we have are Betty Crocker - luckily my Mum uses a lot of this icing so we have a lot of these pots!

3) Peg baskets with handles - great as Little Miss A can carry them around the room. Currently she's got a basket with all her cars in for when we get her car mat out. I also use these baskets in her bedroom for her socks and tights.

4) Sweet tin for crayons - I found that a sweet tin I got at Christmas is just the right size for Little Miss A's crayons.

5) Small lidded box with handle (from Poundland) - this is the perfect size for Little Miss A's tea set. Everything fits in it just right. The handle means that she can carry it around to wherever she wants to make tea! Usually a random place in the room.

I'd love to know if you have any other storage ideas? Have you repurposed a container of some sort for toys?

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2 Responses to “Toy Storage Ideas”

  1. You've got some great ideas here. Our jigsaws are in a right state with pieces misplaced all over so I'm definitely going to try out the A4 folders as a budget solution. A tin for crayons is also something we need to try out. We've recently cleared out an IKEA bookcase so I'm looking for some cheap plastic boxes of the right size to store things for activities (e.g one for painting, drawing etc.)

    1. I think it's a constant challenge to keep finding new solutions for their stuff. I'm sure the storage will need to change as her toys change with age!


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