Magna Carta, Memorials & Mud (lots of!)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Today we met up with friends for a walk and lunch. We wanted to find somewhere that was about half way between where we both live and we decided to go to Runnymede

We met at the Memorials Car Park and set off on a walk that takes in 3 memorials. 

Firstly we walked up to the memorial which is dedicated to President John F Kennedy. 

Next was the Magna Carta Memorial. Runnymede is the site on which Magna Carta was agreed in 1215. So it's a very significant year to be visiting this Memorial, as it's 800 years since the charter was sealed here.

Little Miss A enjoyed exploring this Memorial.

Up to this point, Little Miss A had been enjoying the walk but then she started to get tired and that was it. It was tears and whinging from then on. 

We carried on a bit further with the walk and then there was an uphill walk to see the Commonwealth Airforces Memorial. I got to see the back of it, but then decided that Little Miss A really had had enough so I started heading back down whilst Mr MoaB and our friends carried on to see it.

These photos of the Airforces Memorial are courtesy of Mr MoaB. We'll definitely re-visit as he tells me there will be great views on a nice day!

We've never been on a walk with Little Miss A where she's got into such a state. It was such a shame. 

The walk was extremely muddy and very water-logged in lots of places. I definitely should have taken a spare pair of trousers to change into as we were then going on for lunch at the local Toby Carvery!

Little Miss A was asleep before we even left the car park! She definitely needed it. That was some crying session!

It takes about an hour to drive from Aylesbury to Runnymede and as it's managed by the National Trust we got free parking with our new membership - bonus!

Despite Little Miss A's meltdown, it was really great to catch-up with friends and get outdoors. 

Next time, I'll definitely go more prepared for lots of mud! And there will definitely be a next time as it's really not that far away and along with the Memorials, there's the river which will be really nice to wander along in the summer.

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