1 Year Blogiversary

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Happy 1st Blogiversary to this blog!

A year ago today I posted my first blog post. I had no real idea about what I was doing or whether I would even keep it going, but here I am a year later!

The aim back then was "to write about my money saving ways". I must admit, the direction the blog has taken has been quite different. It's mostly been about what we've been up to as a family and where we've been on walks, visits etc. More like a diary of our family days out. These have all been on a budget, most in fact have been free!

I have written the odd post about activities we've done at home and a few gifts I've made. I'd like to do more of this.

For the first few months I was writing just 3 or 4 posts a month but this gradually increased to on average 10 posts a month. In total I actually published 100 posts in 2014 - a nice round figure!

I try to post the same day as the activity or event so it's fresh in my mind. Otherwise, I quickly fall behind. So much so that I still haven't posted anything about our fantastic holiday in Scotland last summer. Just seem to have been too busy since we got back so haven't had the chance to write about it. It's on my to do list!

My main priority now is to redesign the blog. I just used a basic template to get something live but the blog has definitely outgrown this template and I'd like to make it look much more individual. So watch this space for changes in the near future.

Since starting the blog, I have become active on Twitter which I never quite 'got' before. I've found an amazing blogging community and really enjoy taking part in chats when I can. There are many parent bloggers who are a real inspiration. I can only wish that I could emulate some of their successes and become a full-time blogger!

I love entering competitions and Twitter is great for this. The majority of my wins last year came through Twitter competitions or through bloggers that I follow. Little Miss A got a few bonus Christmas presents from prizes I won!

I thought it would be good to have a record of my Social Media followers. They might not be big numbers compared to many, but from a starting point of zero I'm surprised by how quickly they have grown:
@mummyonabudget on Twitter - 1027 followers
Mummy on a Budget on Facebook - 112 likes
mummyonabudget on Instagram - 254 followers

I'm so glad that I did start the blog. It's going to be an amazing thing for Little Miss A to look back on as it records all our exploits together. Now to keep the impetus up and keep going!

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6 Responses to “1 Year Blogiversary”

  1. Happy blog birthday! I mainly blog about our days out and little adventures too, I hope my son will love it that he can look back over these early years! xx

    1. Thankyou! Hopefully they will appreciate our efforts to record their early years!

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary to you! And congratulations on getting your head around social media and embracing it - like you, I have a blog anniversary not too far away and I never thought about Instagram or Twitter before starting this blog and now I can't imagine what I did to fill my time before them! I think Blogs are a great way to record family life and at the same time sharing with others to inspire or just entertain. I look forward to seeing your new look blog and good luck in your second year of blogging xx

    1. Thankyou! I'm the same. Have no idea what I used to do with my time before I started blogging and being active on social media! Look forward to meeting up with you soon!


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