Snow fun in the Snowglobe - Snow Joke!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

This morning we had a really fun, novel experience in a life-size Snowglobe!

The Snowglobe is at Bosworth's Garden Centre in Burton Latimer, Northants which is close to where my parents live. They had spotted the Snowglobe before Christmas and it's there until 4th January, so we decided to go today as we thought it would be quite quiet.

You step into the snowglobe and then you're free to just have fun! You're meant to have about 5 minutes in there, but we had a lot longer than that as we were the first customers of the day and the guy took a while to set the camera up!

The Snowglobe costs £10 but this includes one 8x6 photo. For an additional £2.50 you can have all the images from the shoot emailed to you. We were fortunate that as my Mum has a Reward Card for the Garden Centre, she had a voucher for a free additional photo print.

My Mum was able to take a few photos and a bit of video too, so we have some fun shots of us messing about in the fake snow. Of course, it started off quite tame but then got a tad more aggressive between Mr MoaB and I!

Little Miss A absolutely loved it. She was joining in the snow fight and aiming her handfuls of snow at me mostly!

We ended up absolutely covered in the stuff. It's quite hard to get off your clothes. We took a lot home with us and had to strip down when we got home as it got into our boots, in our tops etc! My poor Mum will be finding white bits around her house for days. We did try to hoover most of it up!

Apparently there are only 3 Snowglobes like this around the UK at the moment. I've certainly never seen this anywhere before.

It really was fantastic fun. We had a blast in there. I'm hoping they have it again next year as we'll definitely do it again! A great activity to do as our last thing of 2014!

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