Festive Fun in Friars Square

Sunday, 14 December 2014

This afternoon Little Miss A and I went into the town as Aylesbury Town Council were hosting another free family event - a Christmas Fair.

When we got there the event was in full swing. Little Miss A got very excited as soon as she saw the Christmas Bear so she was out of the pushchair and running up to him. Of course, then trying to get her to get close to him for a photo proved more difficult so had to resort to being in the picture as well!

Whilst we were having a wander around the various activities, there was lovely Christmasy music being song by The LuLaLas.

I tried to get Little Miss A to sit down at one of the craft tables to make a paper lantern but after a quick scribble on the paper she wanted to get down so we've brought it home to finish!

There was the chance to have another Mummy Daughter photo taken by a photographer that was doing free family shoots. The pictures will be emailed to us. Will be good to see how they come out as silly hats were involved!

Next, we had a go at the Reindeer Hoopla. Little Miss A needed quite a lot of help so a tiny bit of cheating was involved to get the hoop over the Reindeer's antlers so she'd win a small prize!

Our next encounter was with Rag and Bone - a one man music show. His horse and sleigh are fascinating as they're made out of recycled materials (as you'd expect from a Rag and Bone man!). Little Miss A was able to 'feed' the horse and for her efforts was given a balloon which she's very happy with. She enjoyed his trombone playing too.

There was lots more going on that we didn't take advantage of such as face painting, balloon modelling, a fairground ride (this was still outside) and more crafts. We also didn't get the chance to see the travelling magician or crystal ball manipulator as they were there earlier in the day. Just as we were leaving we passed by the stilt walkers - Little Miss A really wasn't sure about them and kept her distance!

Originally the event was meant to be held in Market Square but I'm really relieved that it was moved into the Friars Square Shopping Centre as it was really cold out and we definitely wouldn't have stayed as long as we did outside!

The Council had also organised a Carolfest which was taking place this evening but unfortunately this was at Little Miss A's bedtime. I would like to take her to a carol concert (I love a good sing-song) so this is definitely on the list of things to do next year.

I'm glad we got the chance to go along today for some festive fun. We really are lucky that these type of events take place so locally.

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