A ride on the Santa Express Train at thecentre:mk

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A shopping spree was in order as I recently won £50 in shopping vouchers! So last week we met my Mum for some shopping and lunch at thecentre:mk and then she came to stay with us for a few days.

Our first stop on arrival was to the Santa Express Train. I feel it's a little bit too early for Little Miss A to meet Father Christmas as it's still November, but thought the train would be fun!

It was £2 per person to ride so Little Miss A just went on with my Mum and I was photographer!

As it was mid-week and still quite early in the day, the Christmas area in the Centre was really quiet. There was no queue for the train, we just paid and they boarded with a little carriage to themselves.

The train, driven by a friendly elf, goes along a short track through some snowy trees. 

Was a bit disappointed as to how quickly the ride was over. It only went around the track once. Good job I got some good pictures as they passed by, otherwise we'd have had to pay again!

I have to say that it is quite expensive for what it is. Probably better if you're also seeing Father Christmas to make it more of an experience. Take a look at thecentre:mk website for more details about the Santa's Grotto in Milton Keynes.

It is a nice thing for Little Miss A to have done with her Nana and she keeps asking to see the 'Choo choo' pictures, so for those reasons I'm glad she went on the train!

We managed to get a few things ticked off the Christmas shopping list, but I actually struggled to spend my shopping vouchers. I'm such a bad shopper now. I just buy stuff for Little Miss A and even when I have the opportunity to treat myself to something new, I find it hard to find anything I really like or can justify the spend on. Oh well, I'm thinking I'll get a lot more for my vouchers in the January Sales!

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