Day out in London with Poppies and Paddington Bear

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

We have Mr MoaB's Mum down from up North and staying with us for a few days. Mr MoaB had to work today so I needed to come up with a plan for the day.

I thought that his Mum would really like to see the Poppies at the Tower of London so we headed off to London early this morning.

I was a bit concerned as there seem to have been lots of reports recently about how busy the installation has become. My Mum went last Friday (in half term) and it was heaving. However, we decided to chance it and I'm glad we did.

Little Miss A and I saw the Poppies for the first time in early September and they were amazing then. Since then there have been so many more planted and it's just phenomenal. Just a sea of red.

We will remember them.

My Mum offered to pay for one of the ceramic poppies for Amber to have and luckily I ordered it after our previous visit as they've now sold out. It's going to be very special to own a small piece of this installation and all that it signifies.

There were a lot of people all around the Tower of London and it was particularly busy on the lower level walkway. However, we managed to find a few spots where we got a good view.

Little Miss A fell asleep at some point during our walk around so once we got a few photos and taken a few moments to reflect, we decided to head over Tower Bridge and find a coffee shop. We definitely needed something to warm us up a bit! After a quick pit-stop, we then set off this time on the Paddington Trail.

50 Paddington Bear statues have been positioned around London to coincide with the release of the new Paddington Bear film. They appeared yesterday and will be in place until the end of December. All the bears have been designed by celebrities and artists.

We managed to find 5 Bears today. It should have been 6 but we couldn't find the one at London Bridge station.

The first one we did find was in Borough Market and is called 'Taste of Peru'. A very colourful Bear! Little Miss A was very intrigued and kept saying 'Bear!' 'Bear!'

We then headed along the River and stopped briefly to eat our packed lunch (ham sandwiches rather than Marmalade sandwiches!), before finding the 'Shakesbear' outside the Globe Theatre looking very dapper. Also along this stretch of the river was the 'Fragile' bear near the Tate Modern. I liked the simplicity of this one and the backdrop! We crossed back over the river on the Millennium Bridge and found the 'Bear in the Wood' statue in-front of St Paul's Cathedral.

Our final Bear of the day was 'Sherlock Bear' which has been designed by Benedict Cumberbatch. I assumed that all the Bears were outdoors and luckily I asked one of the staff members at the Museum of London, as this one was actually inside! We'd have been walking around for ages! Little Miss A was particularly taken with this one.

Similar to the Book Benches that we found around London in the summer, the Paddington Trail is definitely a great thing to do with the kids if you're in London for the day. The statues are quite spaced out so you can only really do a handful at a time, unless you're on a real mission. You'd need to hop on and off the tube a lot and this just isn't feasible with a toddler and buggy!

As an added bonus, we also came across some Bus sculptures whilst we were out and about. Doing some research tonight, these are part of a 'Year of the Bus Sculpture Trail'. The ones we saw are fun and quirky. I particularly liked the 'Punked' bus!

So another really brilliant day out in London. Exhausting but as usual we packed a lot in. Little Miss A was so good all day, she even seemed to really enjoy the train and tube rides as well. All part of the experience for her! It was lovely seeing her sat with her Grandma looking at a Paddington book (got at the Free book store last week) on the journey home!

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2 Responses to “Day out in London with Poppies and Paddington Bear”

  1. Aw looks like you had a wonderful time - great photos xx

    1. Thanks Mummybexm. Did you manage to see the Poppies?


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