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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Back in September I wrote about our first visit to the book store in Aylesbury where you can get books for free!

I've recently found out that the store operated by Healthy Planet will be closing in a couple of weeks. Therefore, I thought I would pop along to see if I could find a few more books to add to Little Miss A's growing library.

Previously you were able to take away 3 books each but now you can take as many as you like! Great news!

With Little Miss A content with just pottering around, I set to work. I thought I might find half a dozen or so but when I actually came away with more like a dozen.

I thought the two Meg books would be great for Halloween next year as they are about a little witch! I was chuffed to find another Miffy book so getting a little collection. I'm hoping to take Little Miss A up to London to do the Paddington Trail and managed to find a couple of Paddington books. 

You can never go wrong with a Dr Seuss book and this one isn't a story I'm familiar with. A couple of the books will be put away for now for when Little Miss A is a bit older including a big colouring book that hasn't been drawn in at all. Also in my book stash today were a couple of simple story books.

Little Miss A definitely needs a bigger bookcase already. I just can't resist getting her books as I think reading is so important. I love it when Little Miss A chooses a book and we sit down snuggled together to read it. We also make sure that she always has a bedtime story. As often as possible Mr MoaB reads this as it's nice for him to have that time with her. I also think that she must be sick of the sound of my voice after hearing it all day!

I am so pleased with the selection I got today and gave a donation so that the charity can carry on offering books for free, even if it's not in this store in Aylesbury but people in another town can benefit.

So if you haven't paid this store a visit yet, then be quick.  It's located on Broadfields Retail Park in-between Homebase and Next.

Don't miss out on some free books!

UPDATE 15/11/14: Unfortunately, this store has now closed.

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One Response to “More Books for Free from Healthy Planet”

  1. It is a shame that is closing it sounds like a great idea and we would donate and borrow if there was one here! Why is it closing?


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