Chilly day at the farm - Odds Farm Park

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Another day out with Grandma for Little Miss A but with the added bonus of Mr MoaB joining us! Today we headed off to Odds Farm Park in Wooburn Common (about half an hour drive from Aylesbury).

It was well signposted so easy to find with plenty of parking. When we arrived we were given a timetable of events for the day and realised that the Sheep Racing was about to start. Unfortunately it was taking place in almost the furthest point from the entrance, but we just got there in time to see the final race! Not sure Little Miss A really knew what was going on with the sheep running around but it was a bit of fun with everyone cheering on their sheep to win!

We then headed back towards the Animal Barns, stopping to look at some of the animals along the way including cows, pigs and goats. We timed it so that we got to the Barns for the next event - Bunny Time. After a quick stroke of a couple of the rabbits, Little Miss A wandered off so we took the chance to feed the goats and sheep whilst everyone else was still with the rabbits.

We were surprised with how big the farm was. There are lots of large fields with the animals as well as the Animal Barns. Then there are different play areas scattered throughout. So I can imagine even on a busy weekend day it doesn't feel too crowded.

As usual we had taken our lunch with us. There are lots of picnic benches and a large marquee where you can eat your own food. However, a school group had taken over the marquee so we had to eat our sandwiches out in the open - a bit chilly! We resorted to having hot drinks from the cafe to warm up!

Little Miss A made full use of all the outdoor play areas. She spent a long time in the large Sand & Water Play area filling up a large truck with sand! She also particularly liked the Fitness Trail, going round and round some of the sections multiple times! She did take one tumble on the grass area and we had to laugh at her little muddy face! Bless her! No harm done though, she just got back up and carried on.

We took another walk around the animal fields and then we all needed to warm up so we headed into the Indoor Playbarn. This is where all the other visitors to the Farm were. It was quite busy in here! Little Miss A headed straight into the under 5 area. Luckily she can now go up and round on her own, although she got her foot caught in the netting at one point so good old Mum had to make her way round to rescue her!

Both Mr MoaB and I were then required to take her down the big slide again and again and again! Lost count of the number of times in the end! I like the action shot that Mr MoaB got of Little Miss A and I going down - we were obviously going so fast that he missed us!

Little Miss A has a thing about tractors at the moment so this Farm was the perfect place for her. There were big tractors for her to sit on along with lots of ride-ons! They do offer Tractor & Trailer Rides but these must be on peak days only as they were running today which is a shame. Mr MoaB had needed to stop on the way to the Farm and I popped into a charity shop and managed to find her a toy tractor for 35p. She played with it all the way there. So it was a day of tractors for her!!

Entry into Odds Farm Park costs £9.95 per adult for weekdays in term time (£12.50 at peak times). Under 2s are free. Bags of food are 75p (we found one bag was plenty). We were there for about 3 hours today which was just right for Little Miss A as she was starting to get tired. We definitely felt like we'd got our money's worth but you could very easily spend a whole day here with so much on offer to keep the kids amused.

We were all really impressed with this Farm so would definitely recommend it.

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