The Gruffalo's Child Trail in Wendover Woods

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Having followed the Gruffalo Trail in Wendover Woods several times this year, today we did the Gruffalo's Child Trail.

The Trail changed to feature this story at the beginning of this month. Little Miss A received the book as a present from her Nana a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of us doing the Trail so that she would already be familiar with the story.

This new Trail follows the same paths through the deep dark wood as the old one. The characters of mouse, fox, owl and snake are still there in the trees. It's just the activity boards along the way that are now different.

Little Miss A is still too young to do the activities but the game to her was to find the next board each time. She got really excited to see each one, raced towards it and then before we even had the chance to read it, she was off, trying to find the next one!

Some of the activities that we did manage to look at included 'Can you find things that animals use to keep warm in winter?' and 'Sit quietly for a minute... How many animal and bird sounds can you hear?' I'm sure we'll do this trail a few times so I might get to read different boards each time!

The statue of the Gruffalo is still in place which is a nice finale to the Trail. He certainly has a nice view from his position!

This afternoon we had time for a stop at the Cafe and then a visit to the playground. We discovered some instruments this time - two wooden xylophones and some airbags so we became our own little band for quite a while. Not sure anyone that could hear us would have been that impressed with our efforts, but we enjoyed ourselves!

There are Gruffalo's Child Trails in woods throughout the UK. The trail is in place until February 2015. Full details can be found on the Forestry Commission website.

It's a nice easy walk and Little Miss A can now manage the whole Trail herself. The activities are definitely aimed at older children and you can pick up an activity pack which includes a foraging bag, leaflet, pencil and sticker. However, there's still enough to make the walk interesting and fun for Little Miss A so we'll be there again soon I'm sure!

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