Fun on at the Farm at West Lodge Farm Park

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Little Miss A and I went to visit my parent's overnight this week and I thought it would be nice for us all to visit a farm. After a bit of research, I found the West Lodge Farm Park which was just a 20 minute drive from where my parent's live in Kettering.

We got there about half an hour after it opened. We timed it just right for a petting session with a rabbit and two guinea pigs in Cuddle Corner. She also had an encounter with a very friendly goat who was more than keen to be fed some of the food we'd purchased on the way-in.

We took our time wandering around all the different animal areas. Little Miss A was keen to find some ducks in the Poultry area as her favourite TV programme is 'Sarah and Duck'! We were all doing lots of duck impressions in the hope that they would respond and quack for her! It didn't really work that well!

We met the ponies that are used for Pony Rides. When Little Miss A is older she'll love have a ride but for now we just stroked them. We then fed some of the sheep before Little Miss A found a big puddle and that was her happy for a long time. We struggled to get her to move on! Other children passed and liked the look of her puddle, but she didn't budge to let them splash!

Next we saw a variety of pig breeds. Little Miss A wasn't too sure when one of them started making a lot of noise! It is great that she's now getting familiar with these animals from the books we read, puzzles we do etc.

We came across some more goats and Little Miss A was really enjoying feeding them with the help of her Pop. However, next thing I saw was that one of the goat's had the whole paper bag of food in its mouth! Pop's obviously wasn't holding onto the bag securely enough and got a bit too close. Little Miss A actually got a bit upset as she was really enjoying giving the food. Whoops! Greedy Goat!

We then found the indoor play barn which had some ride-on toys and a soft play slide inside. We spent a little bit of time in here before heading out into the outdoor play area which has some fantastic equipment including a large castle fort with slide. Little Miss A definitely enjoyed playing here.

Suddenly there was a mad rush to form a queue as the tractor was arriving for the Barrel Ride. We joined the queue and I'm glad we did. When it was our turn Little Miss A loved it and was waving all the way around! You get to go around a short circuit (the outside of the play area) twice. Little Miss A really didn't want to get off when it finished. Luckily, there wasn't much of a queue for the next ride so we rejoined the queue and got to go again straight away! A very novel ride!

We found another section with a few more pigs and sheep along with a Spooky Halloween area that we could walk through. Think I was more scared than Little Miss A as there were lots of big hairy spiders hanging down - I really don't do spiders (real or fake!). There were lots of other Halloween themed things going on including a Ghost Story and the opportunity to Meet the Witch, but most were taking place later in the day. It appears that they do a lot of themed events throughout the year so I'll be keeping my eye out for future events.

Entry into the West Lodge Rural Centre costs £6.45 per adult at the weekend (£5.20 off peak). Under 2s are free so that's good for us for now! You can also purchase bags of animal food but be warned that you need to hold on to the bag tight as the animals will have the food and the bag given half the chance as Pop now knows!

There are some walks and trails that we didn't have the opportunity to do on this occasion, and also we missed out on the tractor rides as these started later in the day. However, that gives us lots to look forward to on our next visit as I know we're going to be back for another visit as we all thoroughly enjoyed our morning here.

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2 Responses to “Fun on at the Farm at West Lodge Farm Park”

  1. That place looks fun. There isn't anything like that round here (I don't think) but would be fab to have.

    1. I'm always surprised what a bit of searching on the web can turn up. Hope you're having a fun Halloween!


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