The End of Get Good Summer Goals - Week Ten

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Crikey! Have 10 weeks been and gone already! I had such good intentions when I wrote my #getgoodsummer goals. I'm going to have to be honest and I've spectacularly failed with most. I totally underestimated the lack of time I have to myself to achieve anything with a lively 17 month year old running around.

When I set the goals I was looking at my calendar thinking we didn't have a lot planned. With all the classes and playgroups stopping for the summer, I definitely envisaged a lot more days at home. Instead of that we've had an awesome summer of days out and fun. I never appreciated how many events there are for families during the summer holidays and many of them are free.

If you missed it, here's my original list of Get Good Summer Goals.

1) Create a family photo book
Unfortunately, back to square one on this goal. Having found a great offer, I went and missed the expiry date. Whoops! Back to the research to find another offer.

We give Little Miss A lots of books for Christmas as she gets so many toys etc. from all the relatives. So I will get my act together and get this photo book created to give her as a Christmas present. Promise!

2) Redesign my blog website
Definitely a major project that needs time that I just don't have. Maybe during the winter when we are spending a bit more time indoors and at home!?

3) Read a book
This one I have ticked off! Yeay! Have now managed to read 2 books and am onto my 3rd. Hurray!

I'm so glad that I set this as a goal. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading and escaping into a good book. I'm trying to make sure that I turn my computer off a bit earlier each night to give myself time to read at least a chapter before I fall asleep.

4) Do a craft project
Not far off completing this one. I will post a picture as soon as this one is done.

5) Try out more recipes
Can tick this one off to. We tried a new recipe last week. a chickpea and pasta soup. Very economical and nutritious. Just what we need as the winter sets in. I have enjoyed trying some new recipes. It's making me a bit more confident in the kitchen. IThis is definitely a goal that I'll continue with so that we have more and more dishes to add to our list of meals when we do our menu planning each week.

So not a complete failure. Just a few that were a bit too ambitious for the timescale. I always have high hopes for what I'm going to get done each day and kick myself for not getting most of it done. I need to give myself a bit more slack. A 17 month old who is napping less and wanting to play more is not conducive to get stuff done, not even the housework (sorry Mr MoaB)!

So it might be the end of #GetGoodSummer but I'm hoping it's not quite the end of summer and we'll have a few more sunny days out before winter sets in!

Thanks to Claire at Clarina's Contemplations and all the other people that have been taking part in #GetGoodSummer. I've really enjoyed reading how everyone has been getting on!

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