Pedal Power!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Today was all about pedal power!

This morning we headed off to Black Park Country Park for our first family cycle ride. Mr MoaB had arranged the bike hire etc. through his work. Little Miss A had a bike trailer to sit in so she was being pulled along with Mr MoaB. She seemed to enjoy the journey!

I have to admit I'm really not a keen cyclist. I used to cycle to school everyday so at one time, many years ago, I must have been a confident cyclist but not so now. The last time Mr MoaB and I went on a bike ride was a couple of years ago in the New Forest. I struggled with the bike, the gears and the hills! To the point where towards the end of the ride I just got off and pushed the bike back!!

We were out for about an hour on the bikes. Long enough for me! The Park is really flat (no nasty hills) so I have to admit that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was a really nice way to get around and see more of the Park. I'd definitely cycle there again (sshhhh - don't tell Mr MoaB or he'll have me there every week!).

After a spot of lunch at the San Remo Cafe Kiosk, it was time to set off to continue our cycling theme of the day and see the Tour of Britain riders. Stage 6 was taking them through Buckinghamshire today, so we thought we would try to see them.

We planned to watch the Race in Princes Risborough. When we set off from Black Park we had lots of time but we took a slightly convoluted route back and suddenly we we found ourselves racing against the clock to get there. It then became apparent that we were probably going to miss the riders we still needed to park the car, extract Little Miss A and find a viewing spot.

Too late. We were just approaching a junction and a police motorbike stopped the traffic. We could go no further. However, we then realised that it must mean the cyclists were going to pass through the junction. So I left Mr MoaB in the car with sleeping Little Miss A and headed down the road. I actually found myself in a pretty good viewing spot. Further up the road in the town centre I could see crowds of people lining the road, but where I was I had no-one around me.

After lots and lots of police motorbikes passed by, the first 3 riders came into sight and then had passed by in a flash! It then seemed like ages before the main pack of riders appeared. Then they were there one minute, gone the next!

Was fun to see and I'm glad I saw it! Shame that Mr MoaB and Little Miss A missed out.

So a morning of using our own pedal power and then a few minutes of watching the pedal power of elite cyclists!

We have managed to tick off another of the things on Little Miss A's Things To Do Before I'm 2 list! No. 16 - Go for a bike ride.

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