Big slides and small animals!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

So to top off a very busy weekend of events we also managed to fit in a Family Fun Day organised by our local Residents Association!

I took Little Miss A along last year, but as she was just 6 months, she was too young for it all really but I enjoyed the free BBQ! This year, she could get much more involved.

This event is really well organised by the Residents Association with lots of craft activities for the kids, along with animal handling and then also a big inflatable slide outside.

It was all in full swing when we got there and I got wind that they were cooking the last batch of burgers so it was straight to the BBQ as I hadn't had lunch.

Little Miss A was keen to meet the animals! I made sure that we avoided the snakes (I really don't like snakes) but she took an interest in all the other animals. She was offered the opportunity to have the mice on her lap and was surprisingly gentle when stroking and handling them!

It was then time to go outside for some goes on the inflatable slide. The trouble is that I had to take Little Miss A on this and it was exhausting getting her up to the top. The going down was fun of course!

There was then just time to pop back into the Hall for a free ice-cream and drink before coming home.

I'm so glad that I live in an area that has an active Residents Association and organises events like this (all for free!).

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