The Royal County of Berkshire Show

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Having enjoyed our time at the Bucks County Show last month, today we had the opportunity to visit the Berkshire County Show in Newbury.

It took just over an hour to drive from Aylesbury to the Show. It's very well sign-posted along the whole route. The parking is well organised and we had a good spot where we could easily remember where the car was!

Unlike many of the other Shows in the area, this one runs over 2 days and it is huge. Much much bigger than the Bucks Show, which at the time I thought was big!

As soon as we entered I got a sense that we were only going to be able to cover a fraction of the Show with Little Miss A in tow! Particularly now as she wants to walk so much on her own rather than go in the pushchair, so you really can't cover much ground, very quickly!

Luckily the weather was dry as it must be a mud-bath if it's wet! It was ideal weather for pottering around today.

Where we entered were some of the shopping stalls but we didn't dwell too long at these as we wanted to find the stand that Mr MoaB's company had as some of his staff were manning it and he was interested to see the set-up and check they were ok. The stand looked great and was really busy, which was good.

We then headed off round some of the other stalls. We spent a bit of time at the emergency services stand. Little Miss A enjoyed another chance to get into a fire engine and a police car!

We passed one stall that was giving out great freebies! Mr MoaB and I each got a bag that had a bottle of water and a really nice piece of cake! Yum! Little Miss A was given a little red toy truck. (She's played with it a lot since we got home!)

We found a great area for Little Miss A to wander around as there were some donkeys from a donkey sanctuary and lots of different animals from the Vauxhall City Farm. She got the chance to stroke a 5-day old chick. She also got nipped by a duck which upset her, I think it was more shock than actual hurt as she soon recovered!

It's best to take lots of change with you! Many of the stands are for organisations and charities who ask for a donation. As usual, we took a packed lunch with us but everywhere there are food and refreshment stalls. It all looked really tasty but we were good and stuck to our sandwiches. The only thing we succumbed to was a coffee for Mr MoaB and an ice-cream for Little Miss A!

There's just so much going on. We didn't get the chance to go around the livestock areas or see anything in the arenas. We also didn't visit the funfair area - plenty of time for things like that when Little Miss A is older and has a choice of how to spend her pocket money!!

We were fortunate enough to be able to get in to the Show for free through Mr MoaB's company. It's £20 per adult for tickets bought at the gate, £7 per child (5-16 years), under 5s are free. So not a cheap day out once you add in petrol, any refreshments and shopping you buy, plus the donations you make!

I think you need to have a definite plan of action before you go to the Show with what you really want to see and do. It's easy to just meander around but then miss the times when there are shows in the arenas.

If you're local to the area, then it is a good day out with absolutely loads to do. I think maybe there's a bit too much as it was all a bit daunting and I have come away feeling a bit like we missed out on some good stuff but we just couldn't get round it all.

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