Awesome family day out in London

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Back from a brilliant day in London. This was the first time we've taken Little Miss A up to the big city but it was a great day.

So many sights, sounds, smells (!) and experiences for Little Miss A. To start with she had her first ride on the London Underground. She took a great interest in working out which tube we had to get!

We had 2 things we wanted to do in town today:
1) See some of the Books about Town book benches
2) To see the Poppies at the Tower of London

After a quick pit-stop for a picnic lunch by St Paul's, we started our Book Bench hunt. The benches are scattered all around London and depict lots of different literary works. I was most keen to see the benches themed on children's books (a big kid at heart!).

The benches are only there until next week. I've been wanting to visit them for a while but last time we planned to go it poured with rain all day and I didn't much fancy traipsing round London with Little Miss A stuck behind the rain-cover in her pushchair all day. I wanted her to really experience London and have fun exploring the benches!

There are 50 benches in total. I think we did pretty well in just a few hours as we managed to see 10!

Possibly unsurprisingly the books that Little Miss A is most familiar with seemed to be the benches that she enjoyed the most! This included the 'That's Not My...' bench:

And the Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler bench which had her favourite character - The Gruffalo!

I was brought up reading Dr Seuss and can still recite quite a lot of 'Green Eggs & Ham'! So this bench was a must for me and we had great fun at this bench!

We passed lots of landmarks on our wander around including seeing the Shard and HMS Belfast along with walking over the Millennium Bridge and Tower Bridge.

Our last stop was the Tower of London to see the 'Tower of London Remembers' Poppy installation. Oh my goodness. It's phenomenal. Everyone should go and see this if they can. There are already so many poppies yet they will still be planting more for another 2 months. It really is very thought provoking to think each poppy represents a life lost.

We will remember them.

I have to thank Mr MoaB as I know he's really not a fan of London. He wanted to see the Poppies but was just humouring me whilst we found all the benches! I'm so glad he was with us though. Getting around London with a lively one year old who doesn't want to stay in their pushchair is definitely easier with two and we just carried the pushchair folded up at the tube stations - so many stairs and escalators!

Originally we were going to get the train from Aylesbury to London. For two travelcards this would have cost us £48. Instead we decided to drive to Westfield Shopping Centre and parked there all day which costs £6.50 (weekdays). We then were directly on the tube line, so we could just pay for a tube travelcard. This cost us £8.90 each. So in total our travel was around the same price as just one train ticket (excluding the petrol but still a big saving!).

We've had a great summer of days out but I would have to put today as my favourite day out this year (so far!).

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