Things To Do Before I'm 2! - Toddler Must Do List!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I've seen so many children's must do and bucket lists which are really great and usually involve lots of outdoor activities which I'm really keen on. However, all the ones I have come across are aimed at older kids. So I thought I'd write a list for Little Miss A with things she can enjoy and experience at her age (she's currently 16 months old).

So here's her list of 'Things To Do Before I'm 2'!
  1. Play with giant bubbles 
  2. Have a garden tea party 
  3. Go for a picnic
  4. Paddle in the sea
  5. Attend an event with live music
  6. Go camping
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Puddle splashing
  9. Play outside in fresh snow 
  10. Play in a pile of fallen leaves 
  11. Ice sensory play
  12. Foam sensory play
  13. Meet a reindeer at Christmas
  14. Go on a train journey
  15. Watch England play in the World Cup 
  16. Go for a bike ride
  17. Climb a mountain
  18. Go on a bus trip
  19. Splash park / swim outdoors
Most of these are 'first' experiences for Little Miss A as she's only one. Some of them are season or weather dependent so 'Play in fresh snow' depends on whether we get some snow this year (high probability, but you never know!).

Some of them have actually been ticked off already (the list was written a couple of months ago but I just haven't got round to posting it). 

4. Paddle in the sea - this was done on a visit to Brighton in June. Little Miss A needed some persuasion from Daddy at first but it was fun watching her reaction to the waves coming in and out.

6. Go camping - Little Miss A's first experience of camping was actually when we tested our new family tent out by sleeping overnight in the back garden! Since then we've spent a night away at a local campsite. Find out how we got on: Carry on Camping at Town Farm

15. Watch England play in the World Cup - she wasn't a very lucky mascot, but she did watch a little bit of the last group stage game against Costa Rica. The other games were on too late for her to watch. Not much to cheer about as England were already out of the tournament by then, but never mind!

18. Go on a bus trip - we got some free bus tickets with an Arriva promotion so we decided to go to Oxford for the day. Here's some more about our day trip to Oxford on the bus

So that's it. Little Miss A's must do list before her next birthday!

There's currently an odd number of things to do on the list and would really like to round-up to 20 things, so so if anyone has got any suggestions to add to this list of toddler activities then please let me know!

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5 Responses to “Things To Do Before I'm 2! - Toddler Must Do List!”

  1. awww this is such a lovely idea. Think I might write a list for arthur xx

    1. Thanks! Keep me posted on what you come up with for your list!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This is great I found this list via One Man and his Sprog and think it's a great idea. I've also made one for this year, but it's pretty different as we have two under two so my list is mainly challenges we need to overcome. You can see my list here

    1. So pleased to have inspired your list! Great goals and activities. Look forward to hearing about how you get on ticking them off!


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