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Sunday, 24 August 2014

This morning Little Miss A and I took advantage of a free taster session run by Sounds tastic. I like the concept of the classes as they're run by professional musicians and it's all about live music and real instruments.

When we arrived, we introduced ourselves to our teacher, Rebecca, and sat in a circle on soft mats where there were a selection of percussion instruments for the children to pick up and try - small drums, bells, clackers, shakers etc.

We've been to other music classes but these all use pre-recorded music and a set format, so this was Little Miss A's first real experience of live music being played. Some songs were played on the keyboard, some on the violin and others were just our voices with 'interesting' accompaniment of percussion instruments by the children!

There were a lot of traditional nursery rhymes as well as some songs that I don't know such as 'Sleeping Bunnies'. I'm going to have to learn the words to that one!

It was really nice to hear some of the songs played live particularly on the violin. Little Miss A has not seen these instruments before. At one point she stopped still and just watched the violin being played - she was fascinated!

The children were given a large, soft dice to throw and depending on which side it landed on, that was the song we sang. Little Miss A actually threw it to land with the bus picture so we sang 'The Wheels on the Bus' which is her favourite!

Some songs we sat round in a circle and sang, whilst others were action songs which got us up on our feet and moving around. A bit of a work out for the Mums as we lifted our children up and down for 'The Grand Old Duke of York'!

At other classes, the percussion instruments just come out for a song or two, but during this session, they were there all the time so the children could pick them up and try them at any point.

For 'Old McDonald had a Farm' some soft animals were introduced during the song. Then towards the end, a big parachute came out and the children had fun running around underneath or trying to clamber on top in Little Miss A's case!

The session was held at 50 Albert Street in Tring. This is a new venue that will host various projects, classes and community activities. It was the perfect space to do this type of class. Lots of space for the little ones to run around!

Little Miss A seemed to really enjoy the session. There was lots to keep her interested with the change in pace and style of music throughout. She bopped along and clapped to lots of the songs, a sure sign she was having fun, so this taster was a real success!

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