Hobble on the Cobbles - Free live music event in Aylesbury

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Today Aylesbury town centre was filled with live music with Hobble on the Cobbles. This is an annual event that showcases local bands.

I thought it would be fun to take Little Miss A along. We can often be found dancing around the living room to music on the radio, but she's not yet been to a live music event.

When we arrived just after 2pm, we headed to Kingsbury and saw 'El Bronson' playing on the Cover-band stage. They played a set of high energey rock, drum & bass and dance. Little Miss A was soon out of the pushchair and bopping along. I probably shouldn't be that surprised by her reaction to this type of music as it's more her Daddy's style! Goodness only knows what she has to listen to in the car when he's driving her around!

Once their set finished, we then took a wander down to Market Square and saw some of the set by 'Without Reason'. Again, Little Miss A was dancing away and clapping. She particularly seemed to enjoy their cover of 'Cry Me A River'. She was on her own though - not many others were boogieing, so I joined in with her and looked a bit of a wally! Next up were 'Open Mind'. More my kind of music as a bit more poppy but we only stayed for a couple of their songs as Little Miss A decided she'd had enough so it was time to head home.

There's always 2 bands playing at any given time, one in Kingsbury and one in Market Square. So if one band isn't your thing, you can easily go and take a look at what's happening on the other stages. This year's headliner was Toploader. Would have liked to have seen them, but they were playing much later on in the day.

In Kingsbury there was a giant inflatable for the kids and there were lots of food vans in Market Square. The local pubs were doing a roaring trade. Luckily it was perfect weather! The Mix96 Mix Monster was also walking around and after some initial reticence, Little Miss A had a photo taken with him.

It's a really brilliant free event. I'll definitely be planning to go again next year.

An added bonus is that we can now tick off another one of her 'Things to do before I'm 2' - no.5 Attend an event with live music.

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