Get Good Summer Goals - Week Seven

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Whoosh and another week has flown by! Here's how I've been getting on with my #GetGoodSummer goals this week.

1) Create a family photo book
Last week I set myself the task of doing the research to find the best deal on photo books. I've managed to do some research and think I've found a good deal. The offer expires on 31 August so that gives me a deadline - will keep an eye out between now and then in case another company has a better offer. I then have a month to create the photo book itself so that will force me to get it done!

2) Redesign my blog website
Still no progress. Anyone gone through this process and have any tips?

3) Read a book
This one is done now. Haven't picked up a book all week so no further in to my second book.

4) Do a craft project
More of an update on this one. Been trying to work out exactly what I want to put into the Memory frame. I wanted something to indicate the time she was born and had a bit of a brainwave - to use an actual watch! After rifling through some drawers, I found 2 old watches. I also found a lovely little teddy bear clock but I think he's too deep and will push the backing of the frame out. Gutted as he would have been ideal. I might be able to come up with a way to use him.

I also went through some of the gifts and cards that Little Miss A was given when she was born and for her Naming Ceremony. So a few more items to try and incorporate into the frame.

Need another brainwave for something to indicate her weight at birth. Any suggestions?

5) Try out more recipes
No new recipes this week. We've got a house-guest at the moment so I'm playing safe and only cooking meals I know. Don't want to run the risk of serving a dodgy meal to them if the recipe doesn't go too well.

If you missed it, here's my original list of Get Good Summer Goals

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2 Responses to “Get Good Summer Goals - Week Seven”

  1. I love the idea of the memory frame, clever to think of using the watch too. #getgoodsummer

  2. Awww... I did a memory frame for my eldest, but still need to complete Heidi's... Oops! She's 18months already! Sunds like you've had a lovely creative week!


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