Fun in the Park - Black Park Country Park

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Black Park Country Park was having a Fun in the Park event today so thought it would be great to take Little Miss A along as it also meant that she could visit her Daddy at work!

Wasn't sure what to expect. Thought it would be similar to the Play in the Park event we went to a couple of weeks ago, but it was very different but equally fun for Little Miss A!

We headed to the 'Open Space' area of the Park where the 'fun' was taking place. First stop was to see the Birds of Prey. There were Falconry displays throughout the day but we weren't there when one was taking place. Little Miss A was more than happy just to take a look at the birds and was particularly taken with the Owl. Twit twoo!!

Then we had a wander around and found a petting farm. For £3 per child we could get up close to lots of different animals. Ducks, chickens, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and then in a separate pen were goats and a small pig. Little Miss A had a rabbit on her lap for a little while before it hopped off! She also "tried" to feed a few goats with a bottle of milk.

We had a quick stop as we were passing to watch a little bit of a Punch & Judy show and then we joined the queue for the Horse & Carriage rides. It's a mode of transport that Little Miss A hasn't been on yet, so of course I had to take her on this! It cost us £2 each but it was definitely worth it. Little Miss A made some clicky horsey noises as we went round and it was a really nice ride through some of the woods.

Some things at the Fun in the Park event were obviously more geared towards the older kids such as the inflatable mega-slide and crafts. Most things did seem to have an extra charge. There were also some food stalls including a Hog Roast and ice-cream van. Luckily the weather held. It threatened to rain but stayed dry and was actually quite warm.

On this occasion, we didn't have time to visit the woodland adventure play area in the Park, but this is one of the best local playgrounds I've come across. If you missed it, here's the post from our first visit to Black Park and my Segway experience.

We did just have time to pay Mr MoaB a visit at his work before heading home before the rush hour traffic kicked in.

A really enjoyable afternoon with a great variety of activities on offer for the kids!

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