We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.... (ZSL Whipsnade Zoo)

Friday, 4 July 2014

We've had a brilliant family day today at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

It's been a little bit of tough week as Little Miss A has been suffering with teething. I've never known her to be so mopey and cuddly. It's been lovely, but does mean we've spent a lot of time just snuggled on the sofa rather than getting out and about.

It was Mr MoaB's birthday earlier in the week but he had to work and as Little Miss A wasn't on top form, we decided to have a family day at the zoo today. We were quite excited and were singing the song 'We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...' to Little Miss A all morning!

From his work, Mr MoaB had some old rope and a rope ladder to donate to the Chimps for their enclosure, therefore we were offered free entry into the Zoo. We're definitely fortunate that he's made some great contacts through work this year! It actually gave us access to park the car within the Zoo as well which normally costs extra, but there are external car parks which are free.

So our first stop when we arrived was to see one of the monkey keepers to drop off the ropes. I couldn't believe it when she offered us the opportunity to go in with the Lemurs and feed them! We weren't sure how Little Miss A would react, but she was fascinated by them! They're lovely animals, strange feet, but full of character. What an awesome experience for all three of us!

Could have stayed with them all day, but it was soon time to head off round some more of the Zoo. I didn't realise how big Whipsnade is. It's vast. You definitely need comfy shoes as you walk a long way around all the different enclosures which are split into areas of the world. We made quite slow progress to start with as Little Miss A was determined to walk herself rather than go in the pushchair!

We passed through the farm and a great looking playground. We had to steer Little Miss A away from the slides as I was keen we saw some more animals before she got too tired! As it was a hot day, some of the animals were hiding in the shade so for instance we didn't get to see the tigers or bears.

After enjoying a cheeky ice-cream (Little Miss A had most of mine), we decided to go on the steam train. It does cost extra to go on this, but we decided that as we hadn't paid for entry, we would pay for this as our donation to the zoo. I'm a sucker for little train rides so it was all aboard! It was actually a great way to see lots of the animals in the Asia zone.

A quick pit-stop for lunch (we'd brought our own packed lunch to save money) and then off we set again. There are so many areas to visit, it was hard to decide where to go to next. I think my favourites after the Lemurs, were the Red Pandas and the Giraffes. Little Miss A was really interested in the sealions when we went in the underwater viewing area. Here's just a small selection of some of the animals we saw:

And the obligatory silly photo that you have to have from a day out!

Although it's not the cheapest family day out it's definitely worth it for a treat. Be sure to book online in advance as you can save on a family ticket. I know quite a few people who have got memberships - they ask people to contribute to the membership instead of Christmas presents for their kids. This is definitely something we will consider doing when Little Miss A is older so that we can visit as often as we like.

It takes about half an hour to get to Whipsnade Zoo from Aylesbury so no distance at all. The whole Zoo is very accessible so easy to get around with a pushchair.

Thoroughly recommended. It's definitely a fantastic day out!

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  1. I think Whipsnade is probably my favourite of the big Londinish zoos. A safari, close up views and a nice walk! My kids loved the sealions too. Must go again soon!


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