Get Good Summer Goals - Week Two

Thursday, 10 July 2014

So it's that time again for an update on my #getgoodsummer goals. Again, limited progress. Lots of thinking about doing each one, not so much actual doing! As we're off on our holidays for 2 weeks soon, I'm going to really have to crack down on actioning these when we get back.

1) Create a family photo book
I will be narrowing down the selection of photos for the book in a couple of weeks after we've visited Mr MoaB's family as I'd like to include a few up-to-date ones with family members.

Thought I'd share another photo with you. This time one of my favourite pictures of me (Mummy) with Little Miss A.

2) Redesign my blog website
Still no progress on this goal. I really need to find some time to sit down and give the website some serious thought. It's all in the planning with this one and then I think (hope) that the actual building of the website will be much easier.

3) Read a book
Going to the library tomorrow so determined to pick up some books for me ready for our holiday. My current library rental list is all books for Little Miss A!

4) Do a craft project
Don't think this project will actually take that long once I've got all the bits together. Again, just a time thing. Need a couple of clear hours with no interruptions (yeah right) and this could be done!!

5) Try out more recipes
Hurrah! Success! So this week we've actually increased our meal list with 2 new recipes. The first one was homemade tomato soup with meatballs. Mr MoaB needs to take the credit for cooking this one but it was really nice and definitely a meal that Little Miss A can share with us.

The next recipe we tried was a Thai Biryani. This recipe appealed to me as it said it was a quick dish to cook and looking at the ingredients, it was all stuff that we usually have in the store cupboard and freezer (such as mince). We used fresh vegetables on this occasion, but could easily use some frozen. My slight error was with the chilli - the right amount for Mr MoaB but a bit too much for me. My mouth was tingling afterwards! It was nice and quick to put together so definitely a great addition to our meal list. I did take a photo but it doesn't look as good on the plate as it tasted so I'll spare you the picture!

So there you have it. A little bit of progress for this week! Hopefully the others who are taking part are doing well with their goals!

If you missed it, here's my original list of Get Good Summer Goals

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  1. Lol. Totally get that feeling of needing a couple of hours without interruptions... We have similar issues! Curry sounds yum! #GetGoodSummer


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